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Fransız Topuzu 460 izlenme - 11 ay önce If you are looking for the hair Wrap-Up tool, you can find one here: https://www.joyus.com/beauty/1-445/th... Coupon Code {20% off order}: Merry1230 Expires: 12/30/2013 * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * Tag your own photos of this hairstyle with: #CGHFrenchUpHighBun See more photos and written step-by-step instructions for this hairstyle at: http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/?p... Joyus teamed up with CGH to provide you this cute bun idea that has been very popular during 2013, except I am using a hair bun tool that I have been carrying around in my purse for months! In fact, the past two days we found our neighborhood without electricity and heat for two days, after an awful ice storm here in Dallas! Yes, we were freezing, but did have a few fireplaces going to provide heat. That being said, there wasn't any way to shower, or curl my hair without getting sick, so I instead exclusively relied on hair buns! This bun style uses a French-Up technique, which we had shown briefly in a video two years ago, but never filmed a full tutorial for it. I love the French-Up High Bun, and since it was the style I wore for those two days with out electricity, we felt it appropriate to show you how to create it! {If you are careful CHG tutorial viewers, you will notice that this is the exact same tool that Brooklyn used on me in the DisneyStyle video we posted a few months ago! You can see the video here... http://youtu.be/W2Cj86-MBfw} Enjoy! Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hair band, hairspray and bow accessory {if desired}. Time Requirement: 5 minutes Skill Level: Medium To see step-by-step instructions and more photos of this style, please visit... http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * Want to become a "Super Fan" of the week, and potentially have your photo appear in a future video? Simply email us a photo of you doing something crazy or fun while wearing a CGH t-shirt! Grab our gear here... http://bit.ly/VHKvKf Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel... http://bit.ly/VovoC9 Feel free to follow us on BlogLovin, where many YT Gurus have beauty blogs... http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/1815559 Follow CGH on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CuteGirlsHair... Follow CGH on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CuteGirlHair Follow CGH on Pinterest, and see my "Try" board... http://www.pinterest.com/MrsHairdo Follow CGH on Instagram and see unpublished photos of our family: http://www.instagram.com/CuteGirlsHai... * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video. The tool used in the video was provided to me free of charge by the sponsoring company. All opinions expressed about the product in my hairstyle use, are honest and strictly my own. * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * Music: Icing by Charity Vance (http://www.youtube.com/CharityVanceMusic) iTunes Link: http://tinyurl.com/CharityVanceIcing License: Personal emailed permission from Charity herself.
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Burgu Saç Topuzu Modeli 1.978 izlenme - 11 ay önce Today's hair tutorial shows how to make a bun..... a very quick and easy bun using rope braids (or twist braids!) I love the clean and simple look of a classic bun on a little girl (as well as on teens and women.) Sometimes it's just nice to have your hair up and out of your way. This hassle free hairstyle looks more complicated than it actually is and can be completed in just a few minutes. If you have been following our blog for a few years, you might remember the "flower bun ponytail." http://www.princesshairstyles.com/200... This is basically that same concept, morphed into a bun. ;) This hairstyle would of course be great for school, but also for dance class, ballet, sports, work, or even a special occasion updo (like Prom, Homecoming, or a wedding.) If you wanted to make this more of a fancy style, hair accessories would be a very cute addition. You could also create this bun in a half ponytail (as a half up style) or in a side bun if you prefer. Our links: http://princesshairstyles.com http://facebook.com/princesshairstyles http://instagram.com/hair4myprincess http://pinterest.com/hair4myprincess http://twitter.com/hair4myprincess *Royalty free background music "happy ukulele" extended use license. El tutorial de hoy el pelo muestra cómo hacer un pan ..... un pan de muy rápida y fácil usando trenzas de cuerda (o trenzas giro!) Me encanta el aspecto limpio y simple de un bollo clásico sobre una niña (así como en los adolescentes y las mujeres.) A veces es agradable tener el cabello hacia arriba y fuera de su camino. Este peinado libre de problemas parece más complicado de lo que realmente es y se puede completar en tan sólo unos minutos. Este peinado supuesto sería grande para la escuela, sino también para la clase de danza, ballet, deportes, trabajo, o incluso un updo ocasión especial (como baile, regreso al hogar, o una boda.) Si usted quiere hacer esto más de un estilo de lujo , accesorios para el cabello sería una adición muy lindo. También puede crear este bollo en una media cola de caballo (como media por el estilo), o en un moño lado, si lo prefiere.
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Kolay Saç Topuzu Yapılışı 1.351 izlenme - 11 ay önce pratik saç topuzu yap,çorapla kolayca yapılabilen saç topuzu,Celeb inspired high sleek bun look using a sock!!!
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Kolay Ense Topuzu 3.827 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Yine Kolay Bir Topuz Yaptım Size. 4 Adet Saç Modelinin Sonuncusuydu Bu. Umarım Kolay Uygulayabilirsiniz.
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Pratik Acil Durum Topuzu 735 izlenme - 2 yıl önce LilaKutu tüyosu... Evden hemen çıkmalısınız, hem de güzel ve bakımlı görünen bir saçla. Çok kolay!