Nayer ft.Mohombi Pitbull - Suavemente

Yüklenme Tarihi: 26 Ekim 2011 - 03:24

Nayer ft. Mohombi Pitbull - Suave Kiss Me (Resmi Video 2011- HD)

Suavemente, besame
I'm ready to do whatever
If you take me away

Suavemente, besame
I'll make you do whatever
If I take you away

I know the craving, and I can save it
You've been so patient
And I've been waiting, for you to take it
And you can keep it
Just say you need me, make me believe it

I wanna go-o-o
Can't let you go-o-o
Hey mami, damelo otra vez
Da-da-damelo otra vez

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