Selena Gomez - Shake it up

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Selena Gomez - Shake it up
Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics):
Don't like waiting
Don't like waiting, let's go right now
Gotta hit the ground
Dancing 'fore the music slows down

What I'm saying, what I'm saying
If there's something to fix
Take it to another level
This is the remix

Everybody get out on the floor
It can get a little crazy
And when the kick hits the floor

Make a scene
Make a scene nobody can ignore
Don't knock it till you rock it
We can't take it no more

Bring the lights up
Bust the doors down
Dust yourself off
Shake it up shake it up

DJ, set it up
Take it up a notch
All together now
Shake it up shake it up
(Shake it off)

Break it down, break it down
I've got something to say
When you're dancing with me
It's like we go MIA

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