Ces Cru - Double Ot 03:58
Ces Cru - Double Ot 273 izlenme - 4 yıl önce CES Cru - Double OT (Video Klip 2014) Şarkı Sözleri (lyrics): [Verse 1 - Godemis:] Ya mama, ya auntie, I'm feeling ya vibe I need you on my team, I want you on my side I never knew love, the way that they claim to Could it be that veil's down or is it that I came to Wherever you go go, I'm watchin' in slow-mo I'm tryna undress that, record with a GoPro You ready to go, oh, no pressure to kick rocks No wonder they love you, more than I do Hip-Hop Hold up for the pit-stop, My lady don't flip flop I'm make her love come down and bathe in the drip drops When I tie the slipknot, we're making our ends meet Love you from a distance that's greater than ten feet I'm head over heels hun, I never did feel one Guess I had a fake bitch instead of a real one If ever ya feel done, just let me know that then Go from double O.T to all the way back in [Hook - Ubiquitous:] Ya on my mind Ya play like I don't see you When you're hiding in plain sight We're looking good, only trouble I see (So I) Is the way you run out of touch, call it double O.T (Oh woah) All alone, waiting by the phone Thoughts keep me wide awake at night I look to you for the love that I need (So why are you) You're hard to catch, why you running from me? (Double O.T) [Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:] I hear a motherfucker cussin' and such And when I love on somethin' I love on it much too much For your love I'm such a sucker punches bust my shit I'm waking up to lumps, I'm wonderin' what the fuck I did And for your punishment, I am a gluten feed me please You never met anybody hungry as me believe I'm taking licks, sores bleed on my face from kicks Gettin' a taste of what it's like to be replaced so quick Give me a break you're here today and gone the next They call it wanderlust, I'm wishin' you would wander less I try to stay strong, calm my stress Play along but it's out of balance all a mess And weighed it wrong, chess game Either take the queen, or play the pawn May your kindness be taken for weakness to played upon Checkmate, heard her said actions affect fate Prepare for the worst thing while I pray for the best case [Hook] [Verse 3 - Godemis:] We're not gonna take shit, may work or it may not We comin' in harmony, in rhythm with fate's clock We take it at our pace, and if the brakes lock I got you, you got me, inside a heart-shaped box I'm not gonna force it, got nothing to force with We smash when it's crunch time, unable to forfeit It's good but of course it, may even be tested You bring the best out me, the worst is reflected [Verse 4 - Ubiquitous:] Yeah, she has a certain affect, I put in the work and I sweat But it's worth all the stress if I lay with her when I rest This love burnin' my chest, I stop searchin' for sex What she got I never found in any person I met In the blink of an eye it all turned to a mess I'm tryna iron out the kinks first, permanent press Give me the courage to jet I'm hangin' onto every word that I get But truthfully, I haven't heard from her...yet [Hook]
CES Cru - Smoke (Feat. Liz Suwandi) 03:56
CES Cru - Smoke (Feat. Liz Suwandi) 210 izlenme - 4 yıl önce CES Cru - Smoke (Feat. Liz Suwandi) (Video Klip 2014) CES Cru - Smoke Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri: [Intro: Liz Suwandi] Take off your blind fold Tell me what you see Interchanging doors Not a corridor or screen Your naked eye Trapped inside a dream Unveil your disguise Because nothing's what it seems [Hook x2: Liz Suwandi] You can tell me what you want You can tell me what you need But love is in the smoke And we can't even breathe And I can not see you And You can not see me But love is in the smoke And we can't even breathe [Verse 1: UBI] You take everything you want, you take what you need And me shattered into pieces is what you leave It don't matter what they see, no it just can't be Now our love is in the smoke, and I just can't breathe You got me gaspin' I know when it will happen Zappin' all my energy, its sexual harassment You see I'll never be the same, now that we got close Now my passion is for pain and I breathe hot smoke Your love is like a drug, I wanna taste it So slip it in my blood, I'm gonna take it Addicted to your buzz, I'm wishin' that you was mine Sittin in your sunshine so amazin' I'm baskin' in the light Light castin' through the haze Maybe we were meant to be Maybe not, who could say Now I look for you again But I still can't see Cuz our love is in the smoke Baby we can't breathe [Hook] [Verse 2: Godemis] I smell the smoke in the room The room is'a buzzin' She told me that the roof was on fire I knew it wasn't Now the spot is heatin' up Gettin' hotter under the collar Let this motherfucker burn, shit We don't need any water We can teeter and totter But you don't need to be coddled I'm headed down this road alone I don't want you to follow I'm sittin' in the sun alone Posted up in strangeland Sippin' KC teas, bumpin' Kelvin rock and Raybans Bitches think it's all about the pussy and a spray tan To each it's own, if that completes your cypher, fuck it amen It's hot as hell out here Maybe degrees over She feels like she got burns Maybe she needs closure It feels like the pilot light is out in this bitch I'm still in the kitchen, like really this is as hot as it gets? I'm starin' through the smoke, tryin' to catch a last vision of her The smoke's rollin' upward while the flame's bein' smothered
Ces Cru - Sound Bite 03:57
Ces Cru - Sound Bite 79 izlenme - 4 yıl önce Ces Cru - Sound Bite (Video Klip 2014) Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri: [Verse 1: Godemis] Paint my face now you're hearin' a clown right? The flow's Tyson, livin' fear in the sound bite What the fuck y'all want, with a nigga with no marbles Put hearts in a jar then swallow the whole jarful Blind marksman in a ghillie suit, let off With a grunt, while I murder in mini troops They're miniature, many troops in need of a medic, they better rap gauze I'm a heretic and never pray to a rap god I fling blood on a door, whisper prayers in reverse Cast curse sling blood on a whore Slap the fuck out the Deacon, he's reachin' for that book Set the pages to flames, your lord is a lame, look I'ma invert the crucifix, feast on a virgin Work the word thin, use Rittz for toothpicks My Strange family crew's loose knit The radio don't even give us no play and we don't give two shits Jason Deevil, define his rhymin' illegal While he's takin' warning shots out the eye of an iron eagle Wavy, I battle goons, you mad at whom, you outta tune But I ain't worried, they versed me inside a padded room [Verse 2: Ubiquitous] My vibe hummin' it come from inside a dyin' sun Added to the Saturn moons, Pythagoras find a sum Livin' by the sword, my strict diet is by the gun Claimin' they not pussy but wet as vagina comes Feelin' fresh off the bus, big trees on my brain Run up in the spot, eyes freeze on my frame They lookin' I ain't tryin' to duck See what the club cookin' up Bad bitch, heaven sent, hellbent on hookin' up In the back of the venue, she puttin' pressure on me No matter how much she push, it's never gon be I swear this lifestyle was never for me I swear to the god of war, I'll never tour free Now I'm swimmin' in dirty women, let me backstroke I could leave it to beaver, be the Eddie Haskell Damn, now I'm comin' off like a petty asshole But it's better than buyin' beers for Betty Bashful Hah, What I'm tryin' to see is some steady cash flow Rain down parade style, confetti the flag flowin' I'm on a float flyin', with dope sinus Sniffin' out the lames, I came with co-signage Flame, don't buy in the game, Kobe Bryant If they don't know why, they can blame the flow I ain't afraid to show, shinin' my chain Frankly a fraction of what you find in my brain Lie entertained, eye on the game Watchin' my environment change [Verse 3: Godemis and Ubiquitous] Where many have passed on, only I've remained Livewire the game, prolly kick a hole in ya brain If we spinnin' out of control, ya know I'm rollin' a plane Ces so entertain(ing), Never sick with the Gan(grene) Think it could be so wonderful, run with the A-(team) I bet you sweatin' bullets from under the ray(beam) Cause my penis and my pistol do sorta the same (thing) You full of faith, fearful of shit that you ain't seen Fans are reppin' Ces from here in the middi to Beijing Is the sandman comin' to give me a daydream? Puttin' y'all under the dirt and we gettin' away clean I'm stickin' cool with karma, and bear the weight like I'm movin' in water Illuminati's an illusion now use a comma Show me a rap god, Tutankhamun is too uncommon Pompeii when I'm bustin, I'm spewin' lava And you ain't gotta ask why it works, or backslide your words All you gotta know is we both back, dyin' of thirst Every session is blessed, I'm baptisin' the verse You better hold ya breath when you pass by the church Uh, I put my people on Jack Ryan alert Please pacify the perp in the back buyin' the shirt Our core fans bumpin' this track ridin' to work Mature fans classy as yours, we goin worldwide Really we only came for packin' the floor mamps That girl fly but she's mackin' the doorman After the show it's back to the tour van Pack Packed full of clothes, I'm back on the road
Ces Cru - Jimmy Stewart 04:06
Ces Cru - Jimmy Stewart 72 izlenme - 4 yıl önce CES Cru - "Jimmy Stewart" (Video Klip 2014) Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri: [Verse 1 - Godemis:] I make music for a living, so every day is the weekend The blade ain’t tucked away until everybody is leaking I’ve had it up to heaven with father fuckers critiquing My suggestion is you stuff a cock in it, the Deevil’s speaking Right up under the knife, I’m a villain still in the cut Feeding on hate, I patiently wait and swill up a cup Wavy, wondering what in the fuck is the motive for it The Deevil said I should kill him, then Godemis said ignore it Emo with it, I’m morbid, my ism is out of orbit They bite off what they can chew from you, funny how you ain’t Norbit Arsenal is assorted with plenty curses and disses Plus we don’t discriminate, murking any mister or missus Appetite for destruction, cause if the recipe misses We feeding on every scrap and don’t bother to bus the dishes This is what some wishes are made of and it’s kind of silly They going hammer, can’t touch me, but God, I pray they can feel me [Hook - Ubiquitous:] It’s all fly in the friendly skies I’m ready for whatever’s headed my way Ends change friends change every five days Identify snake venom enter my space You’re givin em five minutes why wait? Holdin your moment that’s gone Develop your density need some back bone Bae boy he wishin that he was back home Charlie can’t go back, when this shit go black I’m bringin disco back [Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:] Back from skid row, out of agony central You’re grabbing at my microphone I’m snappin your wrist bone Anatomy split throw em like Vladamir Klitchko You’re pissed that I’m rappin fast, well I’m happy to spit slow Cuz everything goes fast, I watch as it go past I’m tossin these bread crumbs, You’re lost with a road map Perusin our catalog, and shoppin for vocab They copy the flow, I give the gift of forgiveness I thought you should know that, but business is business Want to know how we did it? Better get to jottin on notepads And read you a book buddy, sharpen your brain but now It’s smarter to play dumb, what part of the game? Acquire target and aim (bluhh) It ain't hard to be famous I market my anguish but now it’s startin to change us So pardon my language, but fuck how you feel You bitch ass motherfucker you’s a sucker for real It ain't nothing to get you…… high [Hook] [Verse 3 - Godemis:] You’re talking that fly shit, get ready for lift off The rules don’t apply bitch, I’m ripping your lips off Pussy in a dog fight, irony at it's best It's good you a dumb fuck, see this is a crabs test Y’all average at best, you got to start someplace Tell me how the fuck the blood from under your tongue taste Pursue and let one chase, lock and I scare fakes Then bust a 180, that’s on behalf of my air brakes [Verse 4 - Ubiquitous:] Radio for your squad, we’re taking over the skies Clear out the way and land now or say your sober goodbyes Cross your heart and hope to die, make a wish to the rap lord It’s a wonderful life, maybe you get what you ask for, that’s yours Way they be hittin the fast forward, my slow flow Bang thoughts hittin the dashboard, a trick of the light Pick your dog fight Mr. mcfly, call em a chicken And they’re quick to reply, the hands quicker than the…… eye [Hook]
Ces Cru Feat. Tech N9ne - Power Play 04:13
Ces Cru Feat. Tech N9ne - Power Play 89 izlenme - 4 yıl önce CES Cru Feat. Tech N9ne - Power Play (Official Music Video)
Ces Cru - Give It To Me 03:11
Ces Cru - Give It To Me 58 izlenme - 4 yıl önce CES Cru - Give It To Me (Video Klip 2014) Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri: [Verse 1 - Ubiquitous:] Praise goals, paid tows even if you play it pro Player that's the way it goes, ain't nothin' to say no more It's either that or feast, took a plate, only ate a roll Felt regret, hunger that I kepper save me later though Fire burn in my belly everywhere that I would turn I was met with diversity and from that fire I emerge Pen I felt along the way, never made it my concern Took it as a lesson to the game and let the tires burn Gassed out, gassed up, bout a pastor passed up This to every faggot battle rapper that harassed us Hard work, added up, perseverance paid off Independent underground, grindin' no days off Played a boss, paid a cost, rappin' then stayed lost Now I need that prime cut, slathered in steak sauce Matter fact I'm takin' all of that, then I'll take more Livin' in the moment what you waitin' for, Good lord KC Why you been actin' like some poor babies? I get it crackin' never relax and doin' my chores daily You got a fine wine well then my rhyme is the gourmet cheese You're finally a guideline, I'm in my prime you been warned take heat I got a list of accolades and I don't have to say And I ain't talkin' now, I'm talkin' way back in the day Headed up to now for real it's still nothin' to me I'm finna top that, man I got that, y'all ain't fuckin' with me, boy [Hook - Ubiquitous:] Ayo what up though, what you lookin' at? Took it from us and got pissed when we took it back You pickin' up what I dropped and can't hold us I'm plottin' on whatever you got now hand over Give it to me, give it to me (Come on with it, all the way from the Midwest) Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me (It's the Ces) Give it to me, give it to me (Give it up, from the front to the back) Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me (For the snake and the bat) [Verse 2 - Godemis:] Ain't nothin' changed, I still arrange to pack up in the civic The frame of mind is ain't nobody fuckin' with the clinic Ironically enough, you fuck with us and get the D- dick Ya dig it? The faction back in action spinnin' Riddick Oh is it, common knowledge I commit on the pivot Killin' it, put on a show then we come in and steal it Feelin' it, we bout to go bananas, can you peel it? Cause U-B-I and Godi's like canvas and acrylic But we don't know no limits, roll the credits, it's finished Sit home and watch a chain, if they complain, I change the image Heard opportunity knockin', hopped in the cockpit Just another pissed pilot who's ready to drop ship If death is certain, must mean the reaper is lurkin' And his cousin sleep is creepin' in while we closin' the curtain I'm working a fucking miracle out of the situation To knock it back out of orbit and blitz the administration So what do you want from ya dude? I gotta be ruder than Jude The second I enter ya loo, I'm comin' to Rubiks ya cube They lookin' at me like I'm food, been hurtin' to get em a meal They wanna know steps that I took, been trynna get em a deal Behold the murderous Hanzhong I bring the death star to any planet ya land on The prettiest in pink, I think you stuck in that Camron With orange mocha frappe chinos and a man pawn, bitch [Hook]
Ces Cru Ft. Liz Suwandi - Smoke 03:56
Ces Cru Ft. Liz Suwandi - Smoke 72 izlenme - 4 yıl önce CES Cru "Smoke" ft. Liz Suwandi New Hip Hop Music Video Official Music Video
Ces Cru - Letterman 03:53
Ces Cru - Letterman 16 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Ces Cru – Letterman (Yepyeni Video Klip) 2015 Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): [Verse 1: Ubiquitous] I got a box heart made of prose Shot target, aim at those Rock star favor so it's not hard to stay afloat Me and all my 'A' to 'Z', we got along so famously Pretty far from famous though City scar but hate is home Pretty broad, painted toes, feelin' so unfadable Winnin' like we 8-0, I'm just tryna let you know Exchange of flows, cash checks at the bank and loan Fresh like change of clothes Sex, lights made it glow Set time, day and show, feel my vibe radiate Made it for the radio, sat it by the radiator Next life may be thought, shout out to Eusébio In this rhyme scheme his name'll go I'm just sayin' though Daddy told me, "take it slow, son, watch ya baby grow." Truthfully, my baby grew these days, I got a 8 year old Makin' dough, startin' LLC, let him take control When I tour, I pray he safe alone and don't break a bone Streets not paved with gold Keep watch, wait and hold These blocks crazy cold I seen rocks made of soap Beat cops Jason, when will fiends stop slangin' dope He watch, they condone, we got to break the MO So I took a brake, I ain't tryna take a brick Get a quote, change the code, I quit That's the way it is I wanna tell myself What is more dangerous I let him run the streets, or teach him foreign languages [Hook: Ubiquitous] Aside my pen, enslaved by the rent Landlord on insane Tenants sayin', "not again" Some things never change Never mind the weather vein Hope that it rain never more Better pour when it rain Throw bread I claim, never bang Livin' in this neighborhood It's red as flame Haters couldn't get his name Said it plain, makin' sure they let him reign Then again, the etches never came David Letterman [Verse 2: Godemis] Notice they, hatin' us cause the way we makin' dough Must be cause they ain't figured out a way to make it so Take control, suckers wanna sit around and wait to blow Inspiration fake and moments have to wake and bake a bowl Shakin' so, sick of social media, I hate the troll All I need is riches, y'all gon' witness as I break the MO Crack the code, put them hands together, get to clappin' foes Then release the Kraken, back in action, yeah I'm mackin' hoes That's lingo from '94, yeah that's how it used to go Nowadays, I use the glow, Kaboomin' like Bazooka Joe And you should now Money's short, them dockets need a boost to grow Undercut us and my brothers prolly won't come to the show From below, so wonderful, from KIller City to the MO He's a man with many faces, not the dude you used to know Movin' through maneuvers so maneuver yo Ass and get to roamin' like a numeral Assumin' you intuit flow [Hook: Ubiquitous] Aside my pen, enslaved by the rent Landlord on insane Tenants sayin', "not again" Some things never change Never mind the weather vein Hope that it rain never more Bet it pour when it rain Throw bread I claim, never bang Livin' in this neighborhood It's red as flame Haters couldn't get his name Said it plain, makin' sure they let him reign Then again, the etches never came David Letterman Official Hip Hop Music Video | Strange Music Recession Proof | 10.30.2015 CES Cru "Letterman" taken from the EP, Recession Proof, in stores 10.30.2015 CES Cru's newest EP, 'Recession Proof' is now available for preorder at strangemusicinc.net! Your preorder comes with a signed copy, along with a Strange Music decal! Hear music from the EP:
Bernz - It Don't Go (Feat. CES Cru) 04:08
Bernz - It Don't Go (Feat. CES Cru) 12 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Bernz - It Don't Go (Feat. CES Cru) - Official Music Video 2016 Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): [Intro: Bernz] No no! No no! [Verse 1: Bernz] I'm just in a different place; See you on the other side! Everyday a different state This my everyday state-of-mind Me and you are not the same Wanna take a shot? Get in line Never been the one to play it safe Not at all motherfucker, never been the type, noooo! I done heard all the shit that you said It didn't go over my head cause the wordplay lackin' In the end, when the signals sent We'll know the real one, better cry a reaction Who gon' pull up with their Giga's blasting and their windows down, seat-belt unfastened? Homie don't get mad, I'm just askin': Tell me what the hell happened! [Hook: Bernz] Oh no! (x2) That shit don't go It don't go Sorry to be the one to say you not, though You said it's bangin', but that shit do not go Like oh no! [Verse 2: Bernz] I don't like the way they always all up in my kitchen Trying to get the recipe for all them things I'm whippin' It's to good to change your mood and make you lose your bitches So when I be cheffin', all you left with is the fucking dishes I'm like oh no, them boys, they lost all their souls They all believe what they've been told They eat that feed, but they ain't grow They on their knees, cause they need more They all pee weeds trying to get swole I'm on my feet watching them go I just don't lean towards them and know: [Hook: Bernz & (Ubiquitous)] Oh no! (x2) That shit don't go It don't go Sorry to be the one to say you not, though (Uh!) You said it's bangin', but that shit do not go (No!) Like oh no! [Verse 3: Ubiquitous] When the beat go droppin' And I'm Rico Suave-ing I kill 'em while the people watchin' I mean, even the police won't stop him We got it going on, you gonna get it Whatever you did done, you never run livid I run [?] you better come with it I never run, dippin' the tip of my tongue in it The sun lit it Said Send "It Don't Go" Ringtone to your Mobile Around The Web 13 Songs With Deeper Meaning Than You Think Hlntv.com Why Hollywood Won't Cast Taylor Lautner Anymore Looper.com The Most Frequently Played Song in the World is One We All Hate Mentalfloss.com Powered By ZergNet FEATURED more videos 11 Delicious Misheard Lyrics About Food You'll never hear them the same way again. DISCUSS THIS SONG Add a new song discussion.
Murs - Fun-eral (feat. Slug of Atmosphere & Ces Cru) 04:15
Murs - Fun-eral (feat. Slug of Atmosphere & Ces Cru) 19 izlenme - 3 yıl önce MURS - Fun-eral (feat. Slug of Atmosphere & CES Cru) Audio 2015 Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): [Intro: Slug, MURS & CES Cru] Do me a favor (what?) Get your weight up Phelps in your city, we don’t need any help Do me a favor, run that CES, Murs, Strange, we wrote the book for you young macks Pardon me barbie get your weight up Ryhmesayers, Strange, ain’t shit funny Do me a favor, run that Slug, CES, MURS, we wrote the book for you young macks [Verse 1: Slug] Rhymesayers, minors to the majors Stomp around a bird cage full of papers Point lasers at the neighbors Ever since the clock got punched on my first day of labor Ain’t no shame in my game’s wagers Spectator on the side catch a mouth full of flavor Wasted, tryna walk a line like equator Fuck the po-po, we blow dro with the mayor Do me a favor, raise up away from my space Out my face, occupy a different acre Leak like a strainer, poisoned by the waiter Drown in the dirt, eat a fuck for a chaser Pardon me Barbie, this ain’t a party for you Kramer Marking me the maker if I spark up the anger Minneapple-bang, Twin Cities rap sanger And I’m down with the strange cause I ain’t no stranger [Hook] Do me a favor (what?) Get your weight up Phelps in your city, we don’t need any help Do me a favor, run that CES, Murs, Strange, we wrote the book [Verse 2: Ubiquitous] We get the place jumping They ask Ubi to say something He spat and they got nothing but flames from him Raised up in the ring, stuck in a state of perpetual busting 8s off of puffing that dank A runaway train off of the track, rocket attack Roadside bomb blast, y’all talking in back, what? The blizzard black coffin is shut, human assassin Sarcophagus and a tomb, due to get wrapped up I’m doing the MAC strut, rose grew in the black mud Rap guns, I hold two, move and I pap one Flow’s closed captioned, my text on the screen Everything CES doing they affecting the scene I’m rapping with Dean, Killer City record machine 116 pounds anorexic to me, so get your weight up I’m the ring with hands taped up Shadowboxing until clear channel mandates us, what? [Hook] Pardon me Barbie, get your weight up Ryhmesayers, Strange, ain’t shit funny Do me a favor, run that Slug, CES, MURS, we wrote the book for you young macks [Verse 3: Godemis] Fuck karma, I’m king, counter of chips, cash out Here to stick, a couple of real chicks pass out I ain’t in it to win it, loser we don’t need any help Me and MURS, Ubiquitous finna slug em till it’s felt Pray they melt, in a fire of hell, they might as well All these students Zach Morris, well they saved by the bell Said I’m psycho, made me a cell outside of the jail Yeah I might glow, all because of my ghost in its shell New millennium rap serpent, serving em with the venom I’m the black mamba, you notice I’m murdering em Then I’m up in them guts, pussy pardon me for the slaughter Throw a hex on a bitch before I lead her to water Oughta be, chained up in a cage, I’m in a rage Eat a dick, bitch idiot, no this isn’t a phase Stay way away, postal I’ll probably let it spray today Racks to the third power, pussys have got to pay to play [Hook] Do me a favor (what?) Get your weight up Phelps in your city, we don’t need any help Do me a favor, run that Rhymesayers, Strange, got nothing but flames [Verse 4: MURS] [?] of rascals, storming through your castle Dead beat douchebag, certified asshole Hassle at the door, he wouldn’t let me in So I left and came back with a few more friends Party crashing, straight through the window Back in the days that bouncer stole my Nintendo Insufficient funds when they printing out my balance Never sold my soul but I rented out my talents What about the girls? Save something for the girls For a chance to push your lips, I would promise you the world Midtown crook from the [?] brooks Broke the little ladys’ heart with just one look Before we got took we wrote the book for you young macks Phelps in your city, tell your boyfriend to run that Ante up, ante up, ain’t shit funny Got a Rhymesayers check, and I’m spending Strange money __________________________________________ Tüm müzik videoları yüksek ses ve görüntü kalitesinde izlesene.com'da! MURS - Fun-eral (feat. Slug of Atmosphere & CES Cru)