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Here Comes My Baby 04:10
Here Comes My Baby 175 izlenme - 7 yıl önce get the song on itunes dft.ba blog post about this video charliemcdonnell.com website sonsofadmirals.com twitter twitter.com the other admirals youtube.com youtube.com youtube.com the original here comes my baby by cat stevens www.youtube.com
The Liker Chain 03:54
The Liker Chain 73 izlenme - 7 yıl önce a hasty explanation of my youtube origin story and an attempt to bring back the liker chain. the video that ı mentioned liker chain resurrected www.youtube.com youtubers ı mentioned wheezywaiter youtube.com elmify youtube.com brettdomino youtube.com liliesarelike youtube.com the t-shirt was a gift from the nice people at stonewall the lesbian gay and bisexual charity. links about them if you're interested www.youtube.com/stonewalluk www.stonewall.org.uk/antibullying
How To Be Famous? 03:58
How To Be Famous? 66 izlenme - 7 yıl önce blog post about this video charliemcdonnell.com ı was going to call this video "heat is the biggest load of tripe that has ever pretended to be a legitimate magazine" - but it was a bit too long. true of course but too long. ıf you have any opinions of your own on this topic let me know with a comment or a video response and we'll see if we can get a discussion going! especially if you're someone who legitimately enjoys heat magazine ı'd love to know how your brain works. carl sagan t-shirt
The Charlie-Shake 03:29
The Charlie-Shake 53 izlenme - 7 yıl önce the world is split into two kinds of people those who want to make a milkshake that consolidates various aspects of my youtube channel and those who want to watch me do something a little bit disgusting. this video is for both kinds of people.
Nerd-Off 03:59
Nerd-Off 26 izlenme - 7 yıl önce link to get the bundle! dft.ba blog post about this video charliemcdonnell.com challenge submitted by this lady www.youtube.com
Can You Find Charlie? 02:29
Can You Find Charlie? 42 izlenme - 7 yıl önce charliemcdonnell.com can you find me charlie mcdonnell ırl? ırl ın real life you n00bs
Charlie Reads Twilight 03:59
Charlie Reads Twilight 28 izlenme - 7 yıl önce chapter 16 to be exact. blog post about this video charliemcdonnell.com man that ı'm swapping with youtube.com
defending video games 02:35
defending video games 22 izlenme - 7 yıl önce because ı am a big nerd. blog post about this video charliemcdonnell.com