Photoshop - Ders #5 - Clipping Mask Kullanımı 08:39
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Adobe Illustrator - Nesne Düzenleme Araçları - Maskeleme - Clipping Mask - videmy 04:49
Adobe Illustrator - Nesne Düzenleme Araçları - Maskeleme - Clipping Mask - videmy 2.613 izlenme - 4 yıl önce VS Akademi ailesi olarak; bilginin çok büyük bir güç olduğu ve öğrenmenin hayatın her aşamasında devam ettiğine inanıyoruz. Amacımız bilgiyi eğlenceli ve doğru bir yönlendirme ile uygulanabilir hale getirmek.
Clipping. - Work Work (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree) 03:48
Clipping. - Work Work (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree) 320 izlenme - 4 yıl önce Clipping. - Work Work (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree) (Video Klip 2014) Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri: [Verse 1: Daveed Diggs] Holler out your city if you ride for it Let em know why you die for it Same reason all these riders get high so it's All medicinal now what you wanna buy, homie? Bye bitch Mob shit Boss talk Game rich Name game Gang signs Work on the phone call it bass line (Yup) Line dance like a ho down Pimps up daytime Whole block a ghost town Ghost ride Ghost face G's get ghost in a moment Pour a little for the ghosts of the dead homies Deadpan voice singing tin pan alley songs Panhandling in front of tourists with the camera phones Get it how you live Or live till you get it Get it in [Hook] When the stash low and it's no cash Get it in And you ridin' no L's no tags Get it in And she lookin' like you ain't gon' smash Get it in But she got her legs up on the dash Show these haters how to go [Repeat x4] Get that work Make that work work [Verse 2: Cocc Pistol Cree] Cocc Pistol I get it I whip it I flip it I pocket the profit Don't know when to stop it They callin' me Griselda the harlot My [?] erotic Can't walk the hill is enormous The arm in the armrest (Click clack) These dames is dormant I came up from boosting my garments Switching my handbags How I switching my polish Never catch me in the same blouse Unless I'm running to Target Never catch me in a large crowd Unless I'm the life of the party I been hitting from September to August Ahead of my time like lil' old ladies and bonnets All I need is a sickle imma reap me a harvest The hardest thing I had to do was to make a real promise I been countin' money since elementary That's why these broke boys ain't gettin' into me And when the stash low And it ain't no cash flow Shit I go to work Move it by the boat load [Hook] [Verse 3: Daveed Diggs] Stop Red lights in the distance You never been to that district they reference Drunk full of hashish and mescaline Your mind is a mess and this bitch is undressin' A) Mash on the throttle like a G Put a bottle to your teeth Say fuck it, you're a free man B) Pull over to the side of the street Keep your hand on the shotty sitting up under the seat or C) Let the cop pull you over say something slick On some Jay-Z 99 Problems type shit D) All of the above in your head but It really doesn't matter cause you already dead No obituaries for the most part Nobody cares you're not even a co-star Just an extra They read about it as a number Names got money in their wallet [Hook]
Clipping - Inside Out 03:37
Clipping - Inside Out 220 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Clipping - Inside Out (Video Klip 2014) Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri: [Verse 1: Daveed Diggs] Wa-lah! Pullin' rabbit food out of parker Carrots catch the light right, up the block from the farmer He got that lettuce, that cabbage, that broccoli Tryin' to catch a fire Locks like Marley That Chevy frame rattling like a Caribbean roof-top in the rain, and the window panes wiggle following suit And the black suites sell bean pies, and the cream suites shout soap box And the lime-green suites send angles to the streets with botox (Shh) Don't talk Cuz there's rollers in the corner (whoop!) Football on the blacktop Little C rush the quarter Five alligator, six alligator, seven alligator, car! Game on, till the street lights came on Crowd out by the Save-On Paper bags 'round tall cans, talkin' that old manishness like "Man, when I was 22 I woulda coulda used to be the shit!" Or the high-waisted bikini model standee Two eleven in penny candy [Hook] It's a storm comin' Everybody inside It's a war comin' Stack your bread, get high Gotta pour somethin' Out for the homies Turn that beat up Get loaded It's a murder on the outside, everybody inside Murder on the outside, everybody inside Murder on the outside, everybody inside Inside out now, lock n' load, lets ride [Verse 2] Donald Duck, Sunny D, Tampico, Capri-Sun Orange couch, plastic wrap, what's happening re-run Oak frame hologram Jesus portrait Brown shag carpet, broken screen door to the back porch Tykes in the toilet gurgle every six minutes like clock-work Grandfather's clock not working Great grandmama's Crock Pot chocked full of stew meat 'Who, me?' said a speech bubble on a dog on a Sunday morning comic Clipped and stuck up to the fridge with big chip bag magnet Big chips stacked in the armoire Behind glass, where the dominoes and the Bicycle cards are And the thick, yellow and crystal tumblers One sits on the table With a single ice cube melting into a thimble full of Jack Daniels The telephone receiver hangs Swingin' by the cord And the front door is swingin' Wide open, accordingly And that big block engine turnin' over in the Caprice That's peelin' out of the driveway, lettin' the tires schreech [Hook] [Verse 3] Orange cones and yellow tape Palm trees swayin', passers by all look the other way Nobody speak to police this or any other day They comb the streets, knock door to door asking for mother's sake Trying to catch another break Body on the pavement 'bout 10 steps from the front porch Photographer snappin' pics to go with the coroners report Of the seven exit wounds, three in the skull four in the torso Blood spread dry, red black red snapback even more so Lays three paces to the south The direction of the wind New deputy pissed picking up shell casings again Finds one in the browning grass by the sagging four foot high chain link fence Drops it in a bag marked 'Evidence' Here come that Caprice again Rolling too slow up the street men sit four deep in They seats and slow up by the scene, bandanas hide they faces But all they heads are shakin' They nod in unison and hit the coroner without breakin' [Hook]
Cosmosworks Tutorial By Solidprofessor İso Clippin 03:21
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Clipping. - Body & Blood 05:43
Clipping. - Body & Blood 90 izlenme - 4 yıl önce Clipping. - Body & Blood (Censored Version) (Video Klip 2014) Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri: CleaverAnnotates up, bring 'em here Femurs all swing on the ceiling like a chandelier She sittin' there in a white dress, looking like she should get it Licking the lips of the reddest, should invest in a head clinic She got a pocket full of incisors and pliers In a briefcase in case she get inspired, she ain't She tryin' to suck face off the bone You should know she is prone to swallow the marrow She gettin' her evil on down on the floor See how the drinks are flowing off of the top shelf Men are flashing their belt buckle and wallet leather clock And they can't stop watching they're jockin' em While she rockin' them 8 inch stilettos Ain't into metal, just leather and lace and the taste of oxidation Lay still and let her let, like leeches suck She might let you fuck but she want [Hook] Body and blood She don't need you for shit but your dick and your veins And your guts and your (body and blood) Every man say she thick and they wish they could bang When she strut, she got (body and blood) Nails did, hair did, body right, teeth white Knives sharp, gettin' (body and blood) If you a bad bitch, let 'em know you ain't out for the dough You want (body and blood) Twerk somethin' girl, twerk somethin' girl, twerk somethin' girl Cut somethin' girl, cut somethin' girl, cut somethin' girl Kill somethin' girl, kill somethin' girl, kill somethin' girl Eat somethin' girl, eat somethin' girl, eat somethin' girl She got her own home, she got her own set of power tools Her own unmarked van, plan meticulously laid out And splayed on the walls, all scrawled on dated Polaroids of seven heads plated She got vials of ketamine, rohypnol, and promethazine, blunts with amphetamines And whatever your pleasure be, medically, she readily be Providing the flags sometimes to dine with the finest of wines Try and you'll find cut glass to get you cut fast without cuttin' She got a diamond tattoo on her upper thigh Another fineness walks by and cuts eyes Her let her go, she got a bad little body Plus a mean walk, mean ass, make jaws slack But the black make-up match the black makeup Bag of black clippers and steel and chrome-dip slick black handled switchblades she flips, she gettin [Hook] Candles by the mirror, perfume on the dresser, yes sir Red sheets made of satin, flowers in the bible drying Red wine in the goblet, golden Trojan wrappers Chainsaw motor revving outside, bloodstains on the carpet Elbow-length gloves, thigh high fishnets, and the garter God's son crucified on her necklace, hang just where breasts heave And by the cheek, got a machine Make 'em pray that the sex life in death, she goes And when she body rolls, see how the party go dumb And the pills dissolve, (???) room revolve More than a few will fall, black light and new resolve She gettin' [Hook]
Oyun Hatalarından Kısa Film Yapmak 02:27
Oyun Hatalarından Kısa Film Yapmak 100 izlenme - 3 yıl önce CorridorDigital adlı grubun, oyun hatalarından yapmış olduğu bu kısa filmi hep beraber izleyelim..
Clipping. - Shooter 03:47
Clipping. - Shooter 9 izlenme - 1 yıl önce Clipping. - Shooter (Yepyeni Video Klip) 2016 Clipping. - Shooter [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): [Verse 1] Don't move nothin', statue Shooter 'bout to go nuts, cashew Need cash off the books, past due Real cheese for the cooks, rat food He got drums for that ass, get fucked Get your face rearranged, Nip/Tuck Do heavy in the streets, big truck Give money, get money, that's a stick up Wallet or your life, choose one Come up off the lettuce, crouton You been sleepin' on the shooters, futon No donation on computers, move on Clerk's shittin' in his drawers, skid row Thought shit was just a hood game, skip rope Shooter read the face real quick, CliffsNotes Kissed the shoe with the .45, mistletoe [Hook] Shooter, shooter, shooter, shooter You don't want it with a shooter Shooter, shooter, shooter Cause he got guns and the shit gon' bang Yeah, the shooter brought guns and the shit go bang, hands up Got guns in this bitch, go bang Motherfucker better run when this shit go [Verse 2] Hangin' off the rooftop, King Kong Bullets serenade the streets, theme song Ain't takin' no hits, clean bong Just need it in an outlet, three-prong Tired of puttin' in work, weekend Now we gettin' it shine, sequin Silence on the gun barrel cause he's sneakin' Found a spot the pigs can't get to him, vegan Look at all the folk runnin', marathon Like they ain't got baggage, carry-ons Killin' is the best medicine, diagnosis Got death on his breath, halitosis Choppin' people like they veggies, Top Chef Like a game at a carnival, Wyclef Think you're playing? Just watch, Timex Cameras roll cause he hot now, Pyrex [Hook] Shooter, shooter, shooter, shooter You don't want it with a shooter Shooter, shooter, shooter Cause he got guns and that shit gon' bang Yeah, the shooter brought guns and the shit go bang, hands up Got guns in this bitch, go bang Motherfucker better run when this shit go [Verse 3] Got a towel on his face, mophead Gettin' money in the desert, hot bread Wish he had a way home, bread crumbs Drink himself into a coma, red rum Solider's eyes playin' tricks, sandwich Need to get more info, bandwidth Bunch of signs there to read, pamphlets But that was not to be, Hamlet Enemy jumped on his back, monkey Wasn't leavin' no scraps, junkie He was wavin' his hands, krumping Whole body like soup, dumplings Wavin' AKs at him, step team Finna blow his ass away, jet stream Leave his brain in the sand, head trips Caught his ass on demand, Netflix [Hook] Shooter, shooter, shooter, shooter You don't want it with a shooter Shooter, shooter, shooter Cause he got guns and that shit gon' bang Yeah, the shooter brought guns and the shit go bang, hands up Got guns in this bitch, go bang Motherfucker better run when this shit go