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Wolfteam Deathless Giris Bug. 04:19
Wolfteam Deathless Giris Bug. 4.503 izlenme - 6 yıl önce wolfteam giriş bug 2011 deathless
Deathless Lag Hack 05:58
Deathless Lag Hack 2.147 izlenme - 6 yıl önce deathless lag hack
Ağrı Dağı Efsanesi 03:26
Ağrı Dağı Efsanesi 4.434 izlenme - 10 yıl önce ağrı dağı efsnesini amatörce dinleyin bakalım :))) parçadaki hatalarımız affola...
Bakırbaş vs. Dr.Şeytan vs. Akıllı Kombi 08:21
Bakırbaş vs. Dr.Şeytan vs. Akıllı Kombi 255 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Dünyayı yaptığı akıllı kombiyle ele geçirmek isteyen dr.şeytanın bakırbaşla olan fantastik bombastik serüveni.Ancak akıllı kombi dr.şeytanın kendi sonunu hazırlamasına neden oluyor.Burda Erol Taş'ı Japon'a benzetmeleri sanırım "yapsa yapsa Japon'lar yapar" betimlemesinden kaynaklı gibi geldi.
Jedi Mind Tricks - Deathless Light 02:25
Jedi Mind Tricks - Deathless Light 149 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Jedi Mind Tricks - "Deathless Light" (Video Klip 2015) Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): [Intro: Vinnie Paz] Official pistol guns drawn [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] When you pray for the rain you gotta deal with the mud And when you pray for the pain you gotta deal with the blood You ain't capable to hate if you ain't able to love But it get muddy in the middle so I stay with the snub And I'm official pistol 'til the veins stop runnin' You in hell and it's hot and them train start runnin' And you don't have a choice when the game start dummin' And your physical is still but your brain start runnin' Wanna let them eat but ? I walk in a portal inside of Being John Malkovich Y'all are talking loud but you should just turn it down a bit Your hands over your head, like you was reading a counterfeit And I don't rhyme over nothing if it don't sound sick And all of y'all motherfuckers bite is like a brown pit Clap at you, like you wearing cap and gown shit A bunch of Sicilianos shoot at you inside a Crown Vic' [Hook: Vinnie Paz] I don't know you, and you don't know me We should go separate ways, I'mma keep it OG Come on, I don't know you and you don't know me You should got that-away, I'mma keep it OG [Verse 2: Vinnie Paz] Young boys out here think that rappin' is dead Glorifying dirt bags and they trappin' instead I'mma ressurect hard-body rap from the dead Crucify 'em like Christ, put a rackon his head I've been here for twenty years And y'all have been here for two days Ain't nobody talking to you dippin' into Kool-Aid Razor under the tongue, I cut you like a school day Blood spill in high definition like a Blu Ray The bullets in this motherfucker small, but the shotty big Recoil make you kick back like Karate Kid I ain't tryina offend a motherfucker but I prolly did I ain't playing around motherfucker, something gotta give But I don't give a fuck money, I will get your nana hit Vinnie a gorilla, I will feed you a banana clip Only way to get 'em dirty is to get your hands in it And I don't play politics, I was never a fan of it [Hook] __________________________________________ Tüm müzik videoları yüksek ses ve görüntü kalitesinde izlesene.com'da! Jedi Mind Tricks "Deathless Light" (Official Video) "Deathless Light" samples The Budos Band's "Aphasia" used with permission from Daptone Records. Video credits: Producer/Director: The Quill Brothers Starring: Pascal Pfister and Ellan Mah Director of Photography: Zachary P. McGeehan Editor: Ben Guzman Associate Producer: Christina Calabrese Production Designer: Jöh Kelly Make-Up Artist: Louisa Yuki
deathlessdevilbonzo 03:31
deathlessdevilbonzo 380 izlenme - 9 yıl önce deathlessdevilbonzo
Srod3athl3ss Vs Uruchi 03:29
Srod3athl3ss Vs Uruchi 357 izlenme - 8 yıl önce
Memocan 2.bölüm 00:37
Memocan 2.bölüm 296 izlenme - 8 yıl önce süper memetcan deathlesle 100e 100 kaldılar
Deathlesten Show 06:39
Deathlesten Show 70 izlenme - 8 yıl önce deatless işte trde kral adamlardan biri ki bence en iyisi
Miss May I - Deathless 03:48
Miss May I - Deathless 33 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Miss May I - Deathless (Yepyeni Video Klip) 2015 Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): I fucking gave everything, put myself in a place I shouldn’t be. Took a chance trying to acquire something I cannot see. Stranded myself at a point I can’t escape. Bring me back now to the surface so I can feel at ease. Exhausted from all my attempts of being more and always seen as less. Write me off this list of disasters. I am over being mortified. Let me reach the summit to look down at my wasted life. All I desire is a hint of serenity after all the passion you have taken from me. You think you can take all that I’ve made? Remember it’s another part of me. I will save another day to follow the dreams that will set me free. You never looked back at my sacrifice. You never felt everything I lost. I fucking gave everything, emptied out all of myself. Threw away the heart I had. My failures filling up my lungs, I’m drowning on my way down. Denial in giving up on all I had after losing your trust. I had faith when this started. You destroyed all of my hope. Through these trials I rise and I’ll take back what is mine. You think you can take all that I’ve made? Remember it’s another part of me. I will save another day to follow the dreams that will set me free. Tüm müzik videoları yüksek ses ve görüntü kalitesinde izlesene.com'da! En Yeni Şarkılar ve Klipler İçin Lütfen Abone Olunuz : www.izlesene.com/nefer26medya Miss May I - Deathless (Official Music Video) Directed by Max Moore
photoshop pentool yapımı //deathless 04:04
photoshop pentool yapımı //deathless 51 izlenme - 6 yıl önce photoshop pentool yapımı //deathless wolfteamfrm.com