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NoktaDomains Valuation 4.576 izlenme - 5 yıl önce How NoktaDomains Valuation Works
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Noktadomains Leasing 93 izlenme - 4 yıl önce Lease high quality domain names for your low budget projects with Nokta Domains Leasing. For detailed information please visit http://www.noktadomains.com/
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What is A Domain Name 7 izlenme - 4 yıl önce A domain name is simply the "address" of your online presence. Consider http://www.noktadomains.com "http://" is Hypertext Transfer Protocol, tells the web server that a website is requested. "www" is the subdomain, which is used for directing the visitor to a different location on the website or a different website on the internet -default: "World Wide Web". "noktadomains" is the phrase, name of the website, which is unique for the extension. ".com" is the TLD -Top Level Domain- the extension that the phrase is registered in. "noktadomains.com" is a domain name. Domain name market is pretty similar to real estate market. Domain names may be considered as parcels on a vast plot of land. And just as in real estate, location is important. A location in a small town with low population will not attract many customers. Locations on metropols with high population and traffic are more valuable. Valuable domain names on such valuable locations are Premium Domain Names. Choosing the right domain name is no gamble. Here are some tips to identify the premium domain names: 1. Proper use is the most important point. CreditScorez.com is not a premium domain name but CreditScores.com is a premium domain name. 2. Try to prefer known, descriptive and brandable keywords. Short keywords or phrases are generally better. CreditScores.com is more valuable than CreditScoreCalculations.com. 3. Since .com is the most recognized extension, prefer .com domain names when possibble. 4. The number of registered extensions of a phrase, shows the popularity of the phrase. The phrase "CreditScores" is registered in 8 different extensions. 5. Search volume of a domain name is also very important. Higher search volume means more potential visitors. Here at NoktaDomains, we have a portfolio of more than 60,000 premium domain names, which you can purchase now and start your online business right away! If you are low on budget and want to get the benefits of premium domain names, you can also lease a domain name. In order to learn about the technical details of a domain name, you can use our domain valuation tool.