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Weezer - Endless Bummer 18 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Weezer - Endless Bummer (Audio) 2016 Şarkı Sözleri (lyrics): Hey, hey (x4) [Verse 1] I just want this summer to end What's the point of trying to pretend? She told me to follow the rules Not all 19 year olds are cool I'm all alone at night Dreamin' about my life She was too fast for me I count my steps because I'm OCD Hey, hey (x4) [Verse 2] No life from Paloma to Rose Sometimes I feel like I'm a ghost Changing into street clothes in a tent I just want this summer to end (summer to end) My heart is so landlocked Nothing but tourist shops It's just like a curse, you see This bummed out feeling that she's over me She's over me [Bridge] I put my jacket over my head I'm trying not to stare at her chest I can't even dance in the dark Cause my headphones are still on the seat of her car Hey, hey (x4) [Verse 4] Kumbaya makes me get violent I just want this summer to end Whoa [Solo] __________________________________________ Tüm müzik videoları yüksek ses ve görüntü kalitesinde izlesene.com'da! "Kanalımıza ait diğer videolara ulaşmak ve güncel içerikleri takip etmek için >www.izlesene.com/mplay< kanalımıza göz atabilir ve abone olabilirsiniz. Keyifli seyirler..." Listen to the hottest dance, house, hardstyle, techno, funk, electronic, pop and hip hop tracks from the www.izlesene.com/mplay, artists like Iggy Azalea, Gionnyscandal, INNA, Alexandra Stan, Tom Boxer, Morena, Akcent, Desaparecidos, Raige, Rihanna, Desaparecidos, Pitbull, Lanfranchi and much more! Subscribe to join one of the biggest music communities on izlesene.com! Weezer - Endless Bummer Official Music Video Tracklist: 1. California Kids 3:25 2. Wind in Our Sail 2:53 3. Thank God for Girls 3:30 4. (Girl We Got A) Good Thing 3:25 5. Do You Wanna Get High? 3:27 6. King of the World 3:24 7. Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori 3:25 8. L.A. Girlz 3:29 9. Jacked Up 2:53 10. Endless Bummer 4:14
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