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2016 Model Opel Astra 07:12
2016 Model Opel Astra 1.025 izlenme - 3 yıl önce 2016 Model Opel Astra 2016 Opel Astra - Design and Features The new Opel Astra makes its world premiere at the 2015 IAA in Frankfurt from September 17 – 27. The newcomer is nothing less than a quantum leap for the compact class in terms of efficiency, connectivity and premium features, packed in a new, athletic design. Entirely created from a white sheet of paper, the lightweight-design Astra is powered exclusively by newest-generation engines. It features numerous safety and assistance systems that are unrivalled or even make their premiere in this class, such as the groundbreaking glare-free IntelliLux LED matrix light system. The Astra is also the first new Opel model that comes with Opel OnStar right from market launch. The personal connectivity and service assistant ensures best connectivity around the clock and makes driving more relaxing. In addition, the next generation of the IntelliLink infotainment system debuts two new devices, enabling top smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Astra powertrain line-up also plays a big role in this enhanced driving experience: each new Astra features a member of the completely new engine portfolio with outputs ranging from 95 hp/70 kW to 200hp/147 kW. The gasoline and diesel engines with a displacement up to 1.6 liters all combine highest efficiency with excellent responsiveness, running smoothness and low noise generation. The all-new 1.4 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo engine makes its premiere in the Astra. The four-cylinder unit with weight-saving all-aluminum design delivers 125hp/92 kW or 150hp/110 kW and up to 245 Nm maximum torque. Depending on the output version, consumption in the combined cycle decreases down to 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers (114 g/km CO2). The three-cylinder 1.0 ECOTEC Direct Injection Turbo engine with 105hp/77 kW is the most frugal engine in the gasoline line-up, with consumptions that can be as low as 4.2 liters per 100 km (96 g/km CO2). And all versions of the 1.6 CDTI “whisper diesel” with 95hp/70 kW, 110hp/81 kW and 136hp/100 kW and a manual 6-speed transmission have CO2 emissions below 100 g/km – with the best currently at 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers and 90 grams per kilometer. If you love cars, you should subscribe now to official YouCar's channel: http://urlz.fr/lEd Go, it's free! All the Best. ----------------------------------------­--------------- Website: http://www.youcarnews.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/youcarpress
iPad 3 Fizik Kurallarını Zorluyor ! 01:06
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İphone 5 Yeni 2013 01:07
İphone 5 Yeni 2013 481 izlenme - 6 yıl önce İnanılmaz Konsept iPhone 5. Bu CG iPhone 5 böyle bir şık iPhone tasarımı, bir lazer klavye ve tüm bu iPhone 5 video içine yuvarlandı holografik ekran gibi gelişmiş iPhone özelliklere sahiptir.
League Of Legends: Ametist Ashe Kostümü Ve Özellikleri (Ashe Amethyst Features) #1.5 01:59
League Of Legends: Ametist Ashe Kostümü Ve Özellikleri (Ashe Amethyst Features) #1.5 275 izlenme - 4 yıl önce Ashe'nin 5. Kostümü olan Ametist (Amethyst) Ashe'nin Oyun İçi Görünümü... Kostümü Beğenenler Videoyu Beğenerek Belirtebilir.
İphone 5 New Features 00:36
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Google Chrome Features 04:30
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İşte yeni iPad 3 - Concept Features 01:06
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Special Features (Save The Beat) 04:38
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