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Mufassal İstida (Ex Pi-10)-Doğum Qününde 03:56
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Alanna Wong featured on Anderson Cooper speaks about Kleine Levin Syndrome (KLS) 07:48
Alanna Wong featured on Anderson Cooper speaks about Kleine Levin Syndrome (KLS) 15 izlenme - 1 yıl önce Click here to learn more about Alanna & her battle w/KLS: http://alannawong.marketingtimesaver.com/alanna-wong-life--cp/ Alanna Wong, her parents, (Diane and Randy), and the Neuroradiologist that confirmed Alanna's diagnosis of Kleine-Levin Syndrome were featured on Anderson Cooper in 2012. Her neuro-radiologist spoke about the changes that occur when Alanna is symptamatic and a-symptamatic. At the time of the filming, Alanna lived in waikiki, Honolulu. She and her parents flew to New York to help spread the word of Kleine-Levin Syndrome. To learn more about kls go to www.alannawonglife.com or www.klsfoundation.org "Kleine--Levin syndrome, KLS, or Sleeping Beauty syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by recurring periods of excessive amounts of sleeping and ...What is Kleine-Levin Syndrome? Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) is a rare and complex neurological disorder characterized by periods of excessive amounts of ...Kleine Levin Syndrome Foundation ... The videos showcase several of our KLS members and give information and insight into Kleine-Levin Syndrome.Provides a description KLS and of ongoing research into its cause. From Stanford University Center for Narcolepsy.Kleine--Levin syndrome (KLS) is a rare disorder with symptoms that include periodic hypersomnia, cognitive and behavioural disturbances. Large series of ..." klş