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Kraddy - Android Porn 347 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Matthew Kratz, better known by his stage name Kraddy, is an American electronic musician based in Los Angeles. He started mixing drum and bass in San Francisco in the mid-1990s, where he co-founded The Stress Collective. He released his first solo album, Truth Has No Path, in 2004, and in 2006 co-founded The Glitch Mob. He had his first breakthrough solo hit, "Android Porn," in 2008, and left The Glitch Mob in 2009 to go solo. In 2010 he released his first solo EP, Labyrinth, which he wrote, produced, and performed entirely by himself. He released the album Anthems of the Hero in 2011, and the EP Moment of Truth in 2012. He's performed at venues such as Burning Man, Coachella, and South by Southwest. Early life[edit] Matthew Kratz grew up in Albany, New York.[11] He was given the nickname "Kraddy" from a high school friend[2] long before he started making music.[12] He attended the University of Delaware. As a small child Kraddy claims he was fond of polka music,[5] and his "first loves" musically were Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin.[13] He also listened to Genesis,[5] and stated "I grew up in New York was always listening to hip-hop," such as Mos Def, Public Enemy, and KRS-1.[11] He has also quoted The Pixies, The Pharcyde, My Bloody Valentine, Method Man, and The Rolling Stones as some of his favorite musicians,[14] in particular Rob Zombie[5] and Trent Reznor.[2] Early career (1996-2005)[edit] In 1996 Kraddy moved to San Francisco, Northern California,[4] where he interned in music production at Bruce Leighton's DataStream Studios. Leighton introduced Kraddy to Logic Audio. Kraddy began learning audio engineering for hip-hop, but was soon introduced to Aphex Twin's I Care Because You Do, which helped redirect his interest towards electronic music.[13] He was first inspired to buy decks and begin mixing drum and bass and hip hop after seeing the Triple Threat DJs in San Francisco. According to Kraddy, "when I was [first] spinning records, I loved the Scratch Pickles, and the X-Men, and DJ Shadow...all the DJ heroes of the 90’s were big inspirations for sure."[15] He soon co-founded the drum and bass crew The Stress Collective. As a producer he began making "New School Breaks," and his first release was the vinyl single "Wiggiddi" on Muti Music in 2002.[5] With the Stress Collective he released "HiphopJungleHardcore," a mix tape that fused the three genres.[1] According to Kraddy, "For me it was never about pressing some genre style, it was always pulling together this from this or that from that, like hearing Si Begg and Tipper when I was a breakbeat DJ, and also what Fuel Records was putting out back in the day really blew my mind, and Squarepusher and the mix between all the early Warp stuff was really influential." —Matt Kratz[11] Kraddy soon moved on from drum and bass[15] and began producing so-called "glitchier" music. He at times played with the Terpsichore Group, which threw underground parties in San Francisco and Los Angeles.[1] He released his first solo album, Truth Has No Path, in 2004 on his own label Refiner Records. The album was an electronic compilation of his music from the last five years.[1] By 2005 he had moved to Muti Music, a record label in San Francisco, and also had releases on Bless Records.[1][15] Kraddy released The Illegal Album in 2006, which was a collection of remixes he had written. He also released an instrumental version.
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