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B.o.B - Get Right ft. Mike Fresh 03:21
B.o.B - Get Right ft. Mike Fresh 8.262 izlenme - 2 yıl önce B.o.B - Get Right ft. Mike Fresh (Video Klip 2014) Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri: [Intro: B.o.B] Man, I'm 'bout to get right Man, I'm 'bout to get right Trip, trip, dead light [Hook: Mike Fresh x8] Everybody, get right I'm 'bout to get right [Verse 1: B.o.B] Yeah, J, I'm 'bout to get right Yeah I'm 'bout to twist off, I'm 'bout to lift off, I'm 'bout to take flight Flyin' with the brakes off so don't blow my buzz and don't kill my vibe And you ask me is this the way I feel or is it still just a high There goes my imagination again There goes my thoughts, away with the wind There's no medication as amazing as this Your favorite fragrance, your favorite spliff As real as they come, for niggas like us Where days where the fakers get fake as they get We take us a hit We just be coolin', you lookin' anxious as shit I know they see me, doin' my thang I go too many places to trip This shit I'm on, this shit so strong You could take 20 vacations per hit Man, ain't nobody as faded as this Man, ain't no life as outrageous as this And I would pull out my resume But it's too many pages to flip [Hook: Mike Fresh x8] [Verse 2: Mike Fresh] Everybody's got advice Everybody need what they need to get right I won't judge you, so don't judge me When you see me cranberry moonwalkin' my Sprite, all right Fuckin' with [?], you smokin' the best dope You been workin' all day, it's time to let go So what, we high? So what, we drunk? And if we run out, it's nothin' to get more Livin' my life one day at a time Tryna get right one play at a time You never can predict what I'm gonna do next, No Genre I ain't finna stray off in a line If I had it my way, I'd ball everyday Hit the mall everyday Go through 100K, and put it all in the safe What the hell a celebration for? Drinkin' moonshine out a mason jar Patron margaritas, pretty señoritas Bringing me everything I need like, "Si Señor" You could pull up to the kick back But you better have a six pack or somethin' You don't wanna be the one empty handed When everybody ask, "Where the liq at?" Get right [Hook: Mike Fresh x8]
B.o.b - Cranberry Moonwalk Ft. Mike Fresh (Official Audio) 04:46
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B.o.B ft. Mike Fresh - Get Right 03:21
B.o.B ft. Mike Fresh - Get Right 804 izlenme - 2 yıl önce B.o.B - GET RIGHT ft. Mike Fresh (Official Video)