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Battle of Mohacs (Turko-Hungary War - 29 August 1526) 11:57
Battle of Mohacs (Turko-Hungary War - 29 August 1526) 107 izlenme - 2 yıl önce This video is a scene from Turkish series the Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century): Ing: Battle of Mohács - Turkish: Mohaç Meydan Muharebesi Charles of Germany had become a danger for both Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Francois of France had sent an ambassador to Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and asked for a promise for a campaign to Austria. Suleiman gave his word and the Ottoman army passed the river Danube and entered Hungary. The Hungarian line consisted of two lines, the first with a center of mercenary infantry and artillery and the majority of the cavalry on either flank. The second line was a mix of levy infantry and strong cavalry. The Turkish army at the time was one of the most modern and professional armies in world, reliant on disciplined firearm-equipped infantry and artillery. On 29th August 1526 a disastrous battle had been fought, which Hungary still bears the name of the destruction of Mohacs. The Ottoman army defeated Hungarians in few hours with fake disengagement and crescent Spahi tactic and captured Buda. Hungary became an Ottoman depended kingdom. John Zapolya had been appointed as the king. Tags: Muhteşem Yüzyıl Magnificent Century Battle of Mohács Mohaç Meydan Muharebesi Suleiman the Magnificent Törökország Oszmán Birodalom Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Mohaç savaşı ottoman military band Macarlar Turks attack march mehter turkey islam islamic jihad turkish music kafir enemy empire quran white power europe union muslim moslem Turkey islamophobia Anti-Turkism Anti-islam islamism israel zionist jew jewish nazi germany poland polish Turska Türkei Osmanischen Reich Turquía Turcos Imperio otomano Turquie L'Empire ottoman ' Turki Kesultanan Utsmaniyah Turchia Impero ottomano Turchi Turcija Osmau imprija Turkije Ottomaanse Rijk Turcja Imperium osmaskie Turcy Turcia Imperiul Otoman Turkiya