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MSI Mortar Z270M Anakart İncelemesi 07:05
MSI Mortar Z270M Anakart İncelemesi 14 izlenme - 2 ay önce Bu video da, MSI Mortar Z270M Anakart'ın özelliklerini yakından tanıma imkanına sahip olacaksınız. Apple iPhone 7 : http://www.vatanbilgisayar.com/iphone-7-akilli-telefon.html Satın Almak İçin: http://www.vatanbilgisayar.com/msi-z270m-intel-z270-soket-1151-ddr4-3800mhz-o-c-hdmi-usb-3-1-anakart.html İnstagram’da bizi takip edin: http://instagram.com/vatannbilgisayar Twitter'da bizi takip edin: https://twitter.com/VatanComputer Facebook'ta bizi takip edin: https://www.facebook.com/vatanbilgisayar
ase vp 500 tmk 02:54
ase vp 500 tmk 678 izlenme - 8 yıl önce the ase vp 500 tmk is the high performance and multifunctional machine for the cement-based factory premixed dry mortars, conventional mortars (mixed of sand, cement, and lime or chemical additives in construction sites), all pumpable mortars and flow screeds with particle size up to 8 mm. the vp 500 tmk can continuously pumping thanks to large pump funnel approx. 200 litres, which ensures that during the pumping procedure a subsequent mix is always ready.
PROJECT PLUS FIRMA TANITIMI 14 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Ventilli torba dolum, paketleme, yapı kimyasalları tesisi, dry mortar plant, valve bag filling, http://www.projectplus.com.tr/ Tel : 90212 672 07 72 / 90212 596 60
Cement Sand Dry Mortar Mix Packing Production Line 01:19
Cement Sand Dry Mortar Mix Packing Production Line 4 izlenme - 7 ay önce Cement Sand Dry Mortar Mix Packing Production line, Kuru Kum Harç Yapı Kimyasal Paketleme, Yapı Kimyasalı Paketleme Tesisi