New Beginnings

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oya gunay new beginnings 95 izlenme - 6 yıl önce Oya Günay: New Beginnings About this talk Oya Günay is an Executive Coach and Strategy Partner, working with leaders and senior corporate executives across Europe.She shares with us how new beginnings helped shape her life in her journey from a senior executive in a international company to an executive coach. This talk was recorded by Iltek Media. About Oya Gunay She has more than 20 years of international business experience in financial services, including senior investment banking operations, CFO and Project Management roles. She leverages her diverse business experiences to help corporate executives and organizations develop unique strategies to maximize their potentials. Her expertise includes leadership development, cultural transformation, conflict resolution and mediation, resilience and change management. Oya Günay is a certified Executive Coach of Columbia University, Business School and a certified Assessment Analyst on The Neethling Brain Instrument.She works with several multinational companies across Europe and is a business partner of StangerCarlson Leadership and Talent Company in New York, USA and WU Executive Academy in Vienna, Austria. She teaches at the seminar programs organized by the Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey.She speaks Turkish, English and German.
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seda onen new beginnings 60 izlenme - 6 yıl önce Seda Önen: New Beginnings About this talk Seda Önen is the general manager of Rhea Girisim. In her talk she takes us along her journey and her excitement for change as she made a big career move from the public to the private sector. This talk was recorded by Iltek Media. About Seda Önen Seda Onen is the general manager of Rhea Girisim. Seda is a graduate of Department of Business Administration at METU and holds an MS degree from University of Texas at Austin on Professional Accounting. Mrs. Onen has served in various positions around 15 years at the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB). During her career in CMB, she also spearheaded the establishment of Housing Finance System in Turkey and legal & technical framework for mortgage backed instruments. She continued her career as Deputy General Manager at Mesa Real Estate Investment Trust, which is one of the leading real estate companies in Turkey. Having extensive background at corporate finance and financial analysis regarding public companies as well as legal framework for investment trusts, Mrs. Onen joined Rhea Group in April 2010.