pale communion

Opeth - Voice Of Treason 08:01
Opeth - Voice Of Treason 194 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Albüm: Pale Communion (2014) Şarkı No: 7 Şarkı sözleri (Lyrics): The mist is sleeping on the water And winter is hiding in my heart Thorns in my eyes are slowing me down I can't pass through to the other side She knows I'm the one who sought her But when we fall, we'll fall so hard She holds a secret and won't show me how How to break the riddle in her eyes This is treason of the mind and soul Death is no reason why you would go Inside the ghost of love is laughing It mocks the footsteps where I go It tells me nothing has been lost It whispers: "you've seen darkness before" In time the hurting will subside And longing is overthrown What's left is a void that grows inside And the echo of a failure This is treason of the mind and soul Death is no reason why you would go Have you ever had the feeling of a sorrow inside? Have you ever been the reason why a hope subsides? Have you ever seen the aftermath of giving up? Have we given up? Is it over? Have you given up? Is winter hiding in your heart?
Opeth - Faith In Others 07:36
Opeth - Faith In Others 159 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Albüm: Pale Communion Şarkı No: 8 Şarkı sözleri (Lyrics): The grave of our youth is up ahead And life has become a burden We move in circles of surpressed despair Waiting for the sun And turning stones to find evidence But it hides in the recesses of our hearts A written decree of our loss And we carried no faith in the cross And the cold years are coming For the victims of a longing Out through the doors of starvation And into the rains of damnation Where the bitter winds are singing For the victims of a longing We carried along through squalor With an inborn need to dominate and possess It gives birth to an anger inside And we cant control this The blood of departure in our tracks Dripping from our emptying vessels Your hand reached out to hold mine But you’re grasping melting ice Asleep in the rain A child once again And the ghost in my head Has forgiven me Lifted his curse upon me
Opeth - Elysian Woes 04:48
Opeth - Elysian Woes 153 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Albüm: Pale Communion Şarkı No: 4 Şarkı sözleri (Lyrics): What is left when the morning comes Is the memory of a future And when my plight is done There is nothing left to hold onto There were friends waiting at my door They are gone now, for the year is new I stuck by my word And when the rains came Made it true and pure, to dissolve the hurt Are we nursing destruction? Pursuing a dream we once had Was it our intention to follow this road 'til the end Even if the end is a world of sorrow? There is a bond between us Even if it's frayed it is unbreakable So I come for you always And I welcome pain For a second of belonging somewhere There were times when I lost my way With hope pouring from my soul In a shelter from the sun I don't want to bare my scars for you