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The Pink Panther in 06:51
The Pink Panther in "Pink Daddy" 51 izlenme - 1 yıl önce The stork gets lost in a thunderstorm and delivers a baby crocodile to Pink. On a dark, stormy night, the wind is blowing so strong that it turns his number upside down from "616" to "919". Meanwhile, in another part of the city, a pair of crocodiles are anxiously awaiting the stork to deliver their baby. The stork mistakes the Panther's house for the delivery address, and delivers a baby crocodile to the Panther. The Panther attempts to "mother" the crocodile, but his efforts are unsuccessful. The baby is ultimately united with his real parents, but the Panther is left feeling dejected. The stork, taking pity on the Panther leaves another bundle on his doorstep. This time, it's a shark!
The Pink Panther in 06:13
The Pink Panther in "The Pink Pill" 43 izlenme - 1 yıl önce Pink ends up in hospital. The Pink Panther has an accident and is taken to a large hospital. Here, he has a feud with an automated hospital bed which results in another accident. When he switches charts with a fellow patient in order to get more food, he is taken into surgery by mistake. He insists, out of modesty, on bathing himself in bed, but the results are sad. When the blood pressure gauge on his arm is accidentally over inflated, he flies around the room. Cured, he is about to leave, but has another accident on the steps of the hospital.
The Pink Panther in 06:50
The Pink Panther in "Supermarket Pink" 25 izlenme - 1 yıl önce Pink goes to the supermarket. The Pink Panther, feeling a bit hungry, strolls into his kitchen to find something to eat. Alas, the cupboards are bare, so he makes his way to the grocery store to stock up on some provisions. In the grocery store, he doesn't really watch what he's doing, and unintentionally knocks over displays and nearly mimes the manager. When he goes to check out, he discovers that he has no money. The distraught manager throws canned goods at the Panther, which he picks up and takes home to eat.
The Pink Panther in 06:17
The Pink Panther in "Pink Posies" 20 izlenme - 1 yıl önce Pink replaces all the yellow posies in a garden with pink ones. The Pink Panther shares a duplex with a little man. Between the walkways of their respective residences, is a patch of ground in which the Panther wants to plant pink flowers. The little man wants to plant yellow flowers. Each time the little man plants his yellow flowers, the Panther replaces them with pink ones. And the poor little guy never sees how the Panther does it.