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HEMMER Auto Hemming Station For Mattress Production 05:07
HEMMER Auto Hemming Station For Mattress Production 1 izlenme - 2 hafta önce One of the most time consuming part of mattress production is flanging the quilted panel. With the higher demand on thicker mattress panels, overlocking of the panels became inevitable, because it becomes impossible to sew the thick panel by the tape edging. However, the conventional flanging process brings a lot of labor and inaccurate end sizes of the panel. Yatak üretiminin en çok zaman kaybı yaşanan işlerinden biri de kapitone overlok işemidir. Özellikle son yıllarda artan kalın kapitoneli yatak talepleriyle, yatak kapama işlemini overlok işlemi uygulamadan yapmak zorlaşmış veya imkansız hale gelmiştir. Öte yandan overlok işlemi zaman ve işçilik kaybına neden olmakta, ve overlok sonrası yanlış ölçülerle sonuçlanabilmektedir. info@elektroteks.com.tr www.elektroteks.com.tr Tel: 90 224 443 4628
the sewing machine orchestra - experimental music 00:35
the sewing machine orchestra - experimental music 33 izlenme - 5 yıl önce
HYDRA Headbox Quilting Machine 01:22
HYDRA Headbox Quilting Machine 0 izlenme - 2 hafta önce HYDRA is a full automatic double feeding system, high speed double heads quilting machine for home textile, mattress and upholstery industries. It performs the whole operations of feeding with motorized rollers, quilting and cutting the quilt in length. The double feeding system offers quilting two rolls at the same time while offering motorized width adjustment for single feeding mode with the exchange time of 20 seconds. HYDRA offers unlimited patterns with advanced software system while keeping the fastest operation among the machines in the market. With the ability of quilting very different products, HYDRA offers perfect quilting quality for all the products from very thin home textile products (duvet, comforters) to thick materials for mattress industry with multiple layers including foam, visco, memory foam, latex, polyester fiber, non woven, jacquard fabric, knitted fabric and down fill. Except from the mattresses, headboard quilting will bring a great selling feature for your mattresses and headboards. Well quilted leather headboards will bring new era for the industry. info@elektroteks.com.tr elektroteks.com.tr Tel: 90 224 443 4628