Starlito - Theories 02:32
Starlito - Theories 19 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Starlito - Theories (Yepyeni Video Klip) 2015 Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): [Hook][x2] They gunned my young boy down,Mike Brown What if it were Mike White? Like like like Mike with the one glove Mike still selling shoes he ain’t showing love [Verse 1] Mike bite your ear off, take a year off I done veered off, bout to take a quick trip to Saint Louis We gone burn it to the ground and we ain’t moving We looting, they shooting, we losing Make a nigga wanna straight make hate music Tryna tell me be a leader, maybe help them see their way through it What I’m s’posed to say, I got 8 toolies [Verse 2] Went and got it out the mud, dry time praying that it flood Young street nigga with his faith and his plug Now I’m buying up bandos, renovate them bitches, tryna make me a dove I don’t make music to be played in the clubs Said it sounds like I’m sleeping, tryna wake a nigga up What you take a nigga for? Wasn’t raised to give a fuck And I don’t owe nobody shit and I don’t think these niggas tough One man army, never seen one man haunt me Then jumped on deck but I don’t bet Change your background, [?] your little raps Guess what, man we couldn’t find one fact Theories _____________________________________________________ Tüm müzik videoları yüksek ses ve görüntü kalitesinde izlesene.com'da Starlito "Theories" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)
Starlito Feat. Yo Gotti & Don Trip - No Rearview Two 04:05
Starlito Feat. Yo Gotti & Don Trip - No Rearview Two 16 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Starlito Feat. Yo Gotti & Don Trip - No Rearview Two (Official Music Video) 2015 Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): [Talking:] I think niggas just be forgetting to breathe sometimes. Just inhale, exhale Focus on that first I came from nothing Anything’s better than that Anything’s better than going backwards Real rap Fucking right I rap for them racks I’m still strapped Anything goes always The real gone feel that A lot of times in the trap You can feel trapped I was told if he won’t hustle He’ll steal, that still fact Like when the nigga you thought was real Now you feel like he a rat It’s kill or be killed Weigh your feelings up in a bag Dealing is in the past Steal or go get that sack Legitimate but I ain’t finna attack Just hit me fifty racks Flipping stack Flip, flipping stacks (flipping stacks) But once they get a lil money You know how niggas act I ain’t never had shit Consider that I probably lost like twenty different gats Threw a few running from the laws Some we ditch had the digits scratched off Vaguely remember that Don’t make me get in to that Please [Don Trip:] I signed a deal Ain’t want it I walked away with 290 36 months with no album But fuck it I ain’t complaining Sometimes I hate being famous Don’t go nowhere with no banger That’s why I really hate flying Cause I can’t fly with the iron Ain’t no permit This shit I got shoot too many times With all this shit on my mind Still tell my bitch I’m just fine Who am I kidding I’m lying But I can’t take a bow Wear that paint on my face Only my kids see me smile I went on tour with Wale Went on tour with The Game Without a cent to my name That when everything changed I said fuck it I was better off hustling It was all or nothing I did this all for nothing I’m ready for war like Custer On my last stand At the telly with that sack and a mac 10 That and a thirty round Glock You know how macs jam Or maybe you don’t You know when I’m on I was born in hell And I plan on taking it home Who coming with me God speed [Speaking - Yo Gotti:] Yea Like, I remember my first time I met Trip I was like I gotta introduce you to Star Like you niggas sound good together Yall go hard So I see yall niggas do yall thang Man, I’m just proud of you You heard me [Yo Gotti:] In ’99 nigga had his eyes on the trap table In 2000 nigga started rapping Got my on label Sold birds got my own paper Had my own gun And my own shooters For my own haters Bought my own acres I can drug talk you I can real estate you I can architect you a chrome tec Try to build a team like I build a house You know slab, bricks then cashing out Lito, tell these niggas where you know me from Trip, tell these niggas how you met an nigga First, a nigga put you on a tour bus Took you all around the world with a squad of working niggas If about getting money I done it If a nigga bust fire and you got fire But you don’t bust You running You a bitch pussy You coming Peep the play I can see the shit coming Duck your head Nigga out the car dumping Empty clip till his heart stop pumping Then the laws start coming Anyway This just the light flood now That them neighbors was hardaway My sister get cars and my bitches bags On every holiday My niggas get opportunities I put them in positions I done made millions And I’m still grinding That’s hustle’s ambition [Yo Gotti:] See niggas get lazy once they get money But see me, it’s like I never felt rich, I never will I’m always hungry Like I get one million, I want ten Once I get ten, I want twenty Once I get a twenty piece, I want a thirty clip It’s what the game is You know what I’m saying You gotta be born with this shit You gotta be motivated Nigga ain't gotta wake you up to get no money Nigga you gotta wake with money on your mind Nigga what you go to sleep thinking about pussy Oh I forgot You is a pussy
Curren$y x Starlito - Told Me That 03:56
Curren$y x Starlito - Told Me That 0 izlenme - 1 yıl önce Curren$y x Starlito - Told Me That (Yepyeni Video Klip) 2016 Curren$y x Starlito "Told Me That" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Audio) Tüm müzik videoları yüksek ses ve görüntü kalitesinde izlesene.com'da! Kanalımıza ait diğer videolara ulaşmak ve güncel içerikleri takip etmek için www.izlesene.com/nefer26medya kanalımıza göz atabilir ve abone olabilirsiniz. Keyifli seyirler