Teddy Bear

Play Doh Oyun Hamuru ile Ayıcık Teddy Yapımı 05:16
Play Doh Oyun Hamuru ile Ayıcık Teddy Yapımı 108.765 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Oyun Hamuru ile Ayıcık Teddy Yapımı! Bugün Play Doh oyun hamurlarımız ile sevimli bir ayıcık yapıyoruz; Ayıcık Teddy! İyi seyirler! :) Oyuncak TV kanalımızda oyun hamuru videoları, birbirinden güzel sürpriz yumurtalar ve çeşitli oyuncak videoları izleyebilirsiniz! Kanalımızda her hafta yeni videolar yayınlanmaktadır. Kanalımıza abone olmayı unutmayın! ;) Facebook sayfamızı beğenin: https://www.facebook.com/oyuncaktv Instagram'da takip edin: http://www.instagram.com/oyuncaktv Twitter'da takip edin: http://www.twitter.com/oyuncak_tv Oyuncak TV Blog: http://oyuncaktvblog.blogspot.com ************* Oyun Hamuru ile ayıcık Teddy yapımı oyun hamuru şekilleri oyun hamuru videoları
Elvis Presley - Teddy Bear - 1957 02:06
Elvis Presley - Teddy Bear - 1957 2.810 izlenme - 7 yıl önce
Melanie Martinez - Teddy Bear 04:05
Melanie Martinez - Teddy Bear 777 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Melanie Martinez - Teddy Bear (Audio) 2015 Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): Stitched you up, put you together With cotton and feather Gave you love, put my heart inside you Oh what could I do When you started talking in your sleep Saying things you'd do to me I didn't care I wasn't scared Now I'm finding knives under the sheets Crumbled photographs of me I'm in despair Should I be scared? Teddy bear, you are my teddy bear You were comforting and quiet How did love become so violent? Oh, teddy bear, you were my teddy bear Everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me I threw you out, I didn't outgrow you I just didn't know you But now you're back And it's so terrifying how you paralyze me Now you showing up inside my home Breathing deep into the phone I'm so unprepared I'm fucking scared Teddy bear, you are my teddy bear You were comforting and quiet How did love become so violent? Teddy bear, you were my teddy bear Everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me I'm fucking scared Teddy bear, you are my teddy bear You were comforting and quiet How did love become so violent? Teddy bear, you were my teddy bear Everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me __________________________________________ Tüm müzik videoları yüksek ses ve görüntü kalitesinde izlesene.com'da! "Kanalımıza ait diğer videolara ulaşmak ve güncel içerikleri takip etmek için >www.izlesene.com/mplay< kanalımıza göz atabilir ve abone olabilirsiniz. Keyifli seyirler..." Listen to the hottest dance, house, hardstyle, techno, funk, electronic, pop and hip hop tracks from the www.izlesene.com/mplay, artists like Iggy Azalea, Gionnyscandal, INNA, Alexandra Stan, Tom Boxer, Morena, Akcent, Desaparecidos, Raige, Rihanna, Desaparecidos, Pitbull, Lanfranchi and much more! Subscribe to join one of the biggest music communities on izlesene.com! Melanie Martinez - Teddy Bear (Audio) 2015 Official Music Video
Red Sovine - Teddy Bear 05:03
Red Sovine - Teddy Bear 483 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Şarkı Sözleri: I was on the outskirts of a little southern town Tryin' to reach my destination before the sun went down The old CB was blarin' away on channel 1-9! When there came a little boy's voice on the radio line And he said: "Breaker 1-9! Is anyone there? ome on back, truckers and talk to Teddy Bear!" Well, I keyed the mike and said: "You got it, Teddy Bear!" And a little boy's voice came back on the air "'Preciate the break, Who we got on that end?" I told him my handle, and, then he began: "Now, I'm not supposed to bother you fellows out there Mom says you're busy and for me to stay off the air But you see, I get lonely and it helps to talk 'Cause that's about all I can do, I'm crippled, and, I can't walk!" I came back and told him to fire up that mike And I'd talk to him, as long as he liked "This was my dad's radio", the little boy said "But I guess it's mine and mom's now, 'cause my daddy's dead!" "Dad had a wreck about a month ago He was trying to get home in a blindin' snow Mom has to work now, to make ends meet And I'm not much help, with my two crippled feet!" "She says not to worry that we'll make it alright But, I hear her crying, sometimes late at night You know there's just one thing I want more than anything else to see Aw, I know you guys are too busy to bother with me!" "But, you see, my dad used to take me for rides when he was home But, I guess that's all over now, since my daddy's gone Not one breaker came on the old CB As that little crippled boy talked with me I tried hard to swallow a lump that just wouldn't stay down As I thought about my boy back in Greenville Town "Dad was going to take mom and me with him later on this year, Why, l remember 'I'm saying: 'Someday this old truck will be yours, Teddy Bear!' But, I know I'll never get to ride an 18-wheeler again But, this old base will keep me in touch with all my trucker friends!" "Teddy Bear's gonna back on out now and leave you alone 'Cause it's about time for mom to come home But, you give me a shout when you're passin' through And I'll sure be happy to come back to you!" Well, I came back and I said: uh! "Before you go 10-10 What's your home 20, little CB friend?" Well, he gave me his address and I didn't once hesitate 'Cause this hot load of freight was just gonna have to wait I turned that truck around on a dime And headed straight for Jackson Street, 229 And as I rounded the corner, oh, I got one heck of a shock late wheelers were lined up for three city blocks! Why, I guess every driver for miles around had caught Teddy Bear's call And that little crippled boy was having a ball For as fast as one driver would carry him in Another would carry him to his truck and take off again Well, you better believe I took my turn at riding Teddy Bear And then I carried him back in and put him down in his chair And buddy if I never live to see happiness again I want you to know I saw it that day, in the face of that little man We took up a collection for him before his mama got home And each driver said goodbye and then they all were gone He shook my hand with a mile-long grin And said: "So long, trucker I'll catch ya again!" Well, I hit the Interstate with tears in my eyes I turned on the radio and I got another surprise "Breaker 1-9!" Came a voice on the air "Just one word of thanks from Mama Teddy Bear!" "We wish each and every one, a special prayer for you 'Cause, You just made my little boy's dream come true I'll sign off now, before, I start to cry May God ride with you, 10-4, and goodbye."
Teddy Bear - Playroom Massacre 02:59
Teddy Bear - Playroom Massacre 36 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Sonu sürprizli, vermesi gereken mesajı bayağı hardcore bir tarzda veren bu çalışmayı izledikten sonra hala anafikri anlamayanlara gelsin... Çocukla ilgilenmek yerine bilgisayardan bir oyun açmak veya tv karşısına oturtmanın yeğlendiği günümüzde bilgisayar, tv derken genç beyinlerde yaşanan travmanın şiddeti konusunda bize bir fikir verebileceğini umduğum bu güzel stop motion çalışmayı bilinçli ebeveynlere arz ediyorum...