George Watsky, 12 metreden hayranlarının üstüne atladı 02:14
George Watsky, 12 metreden hayranlarının üstüne atladı 935 izlenme - 4 yıl önce ABD’li rap şarkıcısı George Watsky, Londra’da verdiği konser sırasında, 12 metrelik yükseklikten hayranlarının üzerine atladı. 27 yaşındaki sanatçı, konser devam ederken bir anda sahnenin üzerindeki ışık tesisatına tırmanmaya başladı. 12 metre yüksekliğe tırmanan Watsky, buradan kendini izleyicilerin üzerine bıraktı. Seyircilerin çığlıkları arasında aşağı düşen Watsky, üstüne düştüğü bir kadın hayranının kolunun kırılmasına, bir erkek seyircinin ise sırtından yaralanmasına sebep oldu.Atlayışın ardından hastaneye kaldırılan Watsky, kazayı ufak sıyrıklarla atlattı. Olay sonrası Facebook sayfasından bir açıklama yapan rap şarkıcısı, “aptalca” bir hareket yaptığını ve insanların yaralanmasına sebep olduğunu belirterek özür diledi. Atlayış sırasında alkollü ya da uyuşturucu madde tesiri altında olmadığını belirten Watsky, konserin verdiği “coşkuyla” böyle bir hareket yaptığını ifade etti. Şarkıcı, ayrıca, gelecek konserlerinde benzer hareketler yapmayacağını açıkladı.
Karmin & Watsky - No Flex Zone (Remix) 03:09
Karmin & Watsky - No Flex Zone (Remix) 843 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): [Verse 1: Watsky] I'm jubilant with a stupid grin Your screw's loose where do you begin? I call my dude and I tell him [?] and then moon him From the window of the looney bin He's fuming, cause I'm really being rude again I ruin my connection to my human kin And so I'm movin' him to the kennel Settle down with the goof troop Snoop, and it's juice and gin Took my Tylenol And took a violent fall When I tried to crawl Up the asylum wall Watsky sippin' Carlo Rossi All the foxy ladies, I can drunk dial 'em all Because I can be in seventeen places at once While seventeen me's puff a hundred seventy blunts And while I'm cheapin' in DC with Eric Holder I'm sharing marijuana with the mayor of Boulder Colorado, but the air is colder When I'm in the south pole, where the bears are polar I crap on the critics who deny my place Then wipe my ass with the fabric of time and space [Hook: Amy Heidemann] No flex zone, no flex zone They know better, they know better No flex zone, no flex zone They know better, they know better [Verse 2: Amy Heidemann] I know, the city, it be filled with crap Plastic pretty women, hear my knuckles crack Out on Hollywood Boulevard poppin' those silicone humps Like it was a roll of bubble wrap I keep my fingernails sharp, but my mind too If a dog's gonna bark, then I'll find you But if you scratchin' on the bark of the wrong tree Then I'll reach you and I'll eat you, I'm hungry Cause I don't care if you're a sex machine Little man, move along to the next vagine I could slide up in the west and I blessed the scene, the queen Here to flex on the next regime, my team Is impeccable, wrecking every consecutive sucker That wanna step up and knock us off the pedestal Your bitter flow lookin' just like the next goon Put 'em all on a rocket to Neptune [Hook] [Verse 3: Watsky and Amy Heidemann] [?] And you get whiplash like a ten car crash With Kim Kardashian's ass, get a flash Passenger side of the Jaguar's dash I come through late like Dre with Detox If these elite jocks, I'll say we're ewoks Chumps [?], pull up your knee socks Then pump your Reeboks, then jump the tree tops Skintone fair, syndrome rare Depressing, it's unpleasant but the king don't care Let them all call like my ringtone blare While the beat bump, bump like a ingrown hair Bump, bump like a ingrown, bump like a ingrown Bump, bump, bump like a ingrown hair Cut through the jungle in the middle of nowhere I'm steady with my machete, I'm ready to go there I be rubbin' my nipples, givin' the public a sample I'm a ridiculous [?] bubbly personality Hit 'em with the fatality, lickety-split A lot of petty people, they don't get it, simple as shit They don't mean diddly squat, do they? Now riddle me that We be the pitbulls, nibble on these kittens and cats Eat 'em like Kibbles 'n Bits, leave them [?] Give them a wag of the finger, never a tip of the cap We be the pick of the litter, keepin' it mentally locked I got a lot of opinions, more than a centipede's socks And I open up the door when my enemy knocks They're gonna be checkin' me, they're gonna be in the penalty box Lookin' a bit like a hockey, play with a messed-up enamel And I be clickin' the button for the Discovery Channel Until I'm kickin' the [?], so kiss my butt, I'm an animal And I get more hump than a couple of camels Edit the description to add: Historical context: Historical context. An explanation of the overall story (e.g. "In this song, Eminem corresponds with a crazed fan who...") The sample used for a beat.
Ceza’ya Rapik Çıktı 01:28
Ceza’ya Rapik Çıktı 870 izlenme - 6 yıl önce
Watsky - Whoa Whoa Whoa 04:03
Watsky - Whoa Whoa Whoa 157 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Watsky - Whoa Whoa Whoa (Official Video)
Karmin And Watsky - No Flex Zone (Remix) 03:09
Karmin And Watsky - No Flex Zone (Remix) 116 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Lyrics Şarkı Sözleri: [Hook] No flex zone, No flex zone They know better, they know better No flex zone, No flex zone They know better, they know better Won a gold medal And a gold bezel I treat it so special Now your ho jealous Freak Hoes, got several They tens or better I'm a trendsetter I'm a go-getter [Verse 1] Who ain't waiting on King Push? Got niggas checking for them new flows Sold more dope than the old Jigga Now niggas calling me the new Hov Let the coupe go, planetarium Let the roof go like Cesarean Clear my section nigga, no flexing nigga Just a hunnid bottles they carrying Cross the border like I lost a daughter This foreign nigga, he ain't know better Him pick and choose where them bullets fly I lose the plane on this fool nigga Bought dope with my album budget Play Clothes was the blueprint Four million in four seasons Fuck who care for my fashion sense Tell a ho come and swim in the money Broke niggas just stop at the heel I could body paint you in them name brands And put a red bow on the wheels See I'm just in and out, I call a rent a mouth Suck the ice out of a bezel Use my rap persona, fuck baby mommas Still killin' haters, God bless em' [Hook]
12 Metreden Seyircilerin Üstüne Atlamak 02:14
12 Metreden Seyircilerin Üstüne Atlamak 135 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Londra'da düzenlenen festivalde sahneye çıkan rap şarkıcısı George Watsky, konser sırasında ışık tesisatına tırmandı. Bir anda 12 metre yükseklikten hayranlarının üzerine atlayan Watsky yaralanırken, atladığı bölümdeki bir kadının da kolu kırıldı. (alıntıdır) Allah akıl fikir versin diyelim.
Tüm Zamanların En Hızlı 3 Rapçisi 05:06
Tüm Zamanların En Hızlı 3 Rapçisi 29 izlenme - 2 yıl önce Kaç denemenin ardından hatasız kaydı alabilmişlerdir bilmiyorum ama etkileyici buldum. Ksicfaces, Mac lethal ve Watsky'nin performanslarını izliyoruz ve "olabildiğince hızlı" alkışlıyoruz.
Watsky Ft. Lisa Vitale - Right Now 03:18
Watsky Ft. Lisa Vitale - Right Now 48 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Watsky ft. Lisa Vitale - Right Now
Watsky Ft. Jimetta Rose - All You Can Do 04:15
Watsky Ft. Jimetta Rose - All You Can Do 31 izlenme - 3 yıl önce Watsky ft. Jimetta Rose - All You Can Do Şarkı Sözleri (Lyrics): Verse 1 Happy's not a faucet that'll flow when a handle is turned I wanna handle my shit, but it hasn't occurred I need the stamina, keep on like my grandmama When I'm not on camera I gotta be a man of my word And be a greater guy, not some thin-as-paper guy Like the times that Georgie Porgie kissed the girl and made her cry Saying “see ya later, bye.” Shit I say is pretty strange Coming back for Christmas and we bitch on how the city changed Fuck it, man, we're changing too. Look at what we're going through Mama used to buy me shirts she said that I would grow into But it's draping on me like an apron or a cape, a great tsunami wave of cotton that I'm caught in that she bought at Ross—I know the cost of it was probably awesome but my style is sorta sloppy I'll fit it when I blossom like a California Poppy The tears are freezing on my cheek in Boston out in Copley And I don't really know why, no I don't really know why Chorus All you can do is all you can do is all you can do is all you can do is… Verse 2 So pour that liquor out. I never chickened out But if got to make a second pick I'd take a different route But a grip of my decisions pretty Mickey Mouse I tried to join the 27 Club, they kicked me out It was like I'm limpin into heaven while my dick is out And there's Amy Winehouse sittin on a cloud and drinking stout But she spits it out the moment I come gliding in She's all like, “come on Joplin, who the fuck invited him?! Hide all of the Heinekens!" No, they don't know my name My heart is lowkey broken so I'm takin Novocain And Jimmy Morrison (the Doors), and Brian Jones, you know, the Stones are joking, toking on a roach playing poker game I know that I'm a bastard. The walls are alabaster Jimi plays his Stratocaster jamming out with Kurt Cobain They're playing Purple Rain, or maybe Purple Haze And Kurt says, “How the fuck they let this jerk in with his hurtful ways?” I try to jump and spread my wings like I'm a bird of prey But I hit the earth and break a mothafucka’s vertebrate (hey) I guess I'm fucking up the blueprint for success Woke up in the hospital with Jimi's bootprint on my chest This recklessness, no common senses I Kamikaze, there's consequences I don't condone it, but I did it, I'ma own it I've been living for the moment gotta go (go!)