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Arch Enemy - Enemy Within (Live) 04:19
Enemy Within Dark thoughts rise up Deep in your mind The killing of hope The end has begun The locked psycho-door breaks down The beast breathes freedom and fire Blows bloody thoughts into your mind Demons whisper: "COMMIT SUICIDE!" Weak is your body, Helpless your soul, The beast destroyed your will Left nothing but an empty shell Self-destruction leads its way Your weapons turn against yourself Cutting through, killing you A downward spiral, the shadowbeast has won The shadowbeast calls A vulture of life Your worst enemy dwells From within
ARCH ENEMY - You Will Know My Name 04:43
You Will Know My Name
arch enemy - blood on your hands 04:33
Blood On Your Hands You were born your brother's keeper Why can i see blood on your hands? You became your brother's slayer Embrace again in death At the end of all this hatred lies even deeper hate Their darkness has deafeated you Your lifetime running backwards Remember - sins of our fathers A requiem - for the countless dead Blood is on your hands - the wages of sin Future's eyes closing now Soul eclipse taking place Laments rise - tears of the dead From the other side of the grave You were born your bothers keeper Why can i see blood on your hands? Their darkness has defeated you Your lifetime running back war
Arch Enemy - Dark İnsanity / Upload By : Tigérpagé 03:42
Dark Insanity Weak and sick I crawl In the dust of past mistakes Leaving for the darkness Of tears and cold heartaches Suffer in this grief Of forever burning hate The ashes of my life By the torment you create [Chorus:] On my knees... remembering The wasted years of dark insanity The rage increases fast As the memories eat me alive God, I wish this to end But I'm not prepared to die No more a human being Just a fool of anxiety Unable to escape The darkest insanity [Lead - Christopher]
Arch Enemy - Ravenous (Live) 04:19
Ravenous I am hunting for your soul It dwells within your heart I lacerate the pounding flesh Your spirits shall be mine So rise my spirit rise! Revel in this dead mans' body Grip his soul, sip the blood Life is death A holy carnage Ravenous I will be your god Carnivorous Jesus I need your flesh Ritual slaughter Fill up the chalice With the essence of your life Liquid strengths Trapped in your veins I crave your blood You must die!
Arch Enemy - My Apocalypse Offıcıal Vıdeo 04:21
My Apocalypse Offıcıal Vıdeo
Arch Enemy - Snow Bound 01:31
Snow Bound
Arch Enemy - The İmmortal 03:56
The Immortal This liquid vision of euphoria Living a life on borrowed time Paying the price of immortality Desperately avoiding our fate Lead me through the halls of tortured souls Alone, forlorn... human dignity dethroned Forevermore - A life never ending Time stands still as the immortals keep on breeding The future is locked within us All we need is the key Crying at the fountain of youth Eternal life is killing me Triumphant in chariots they ride On this arena of the undead Anoher lap of honour for the... Vacant galleries Lead me through the halls of tortured souls Alone, forlorn... human dignity dethroned Forevermore - A life never ending Time stands still as the immortals keep on breeding
Arch Enemy - Bridge Of Destiny 08:09
Bridge Of Destiny Standing at the bridge of destiny So long since I tasted fear Lurking in the darkest holes Awaiting my minds weakest moment Old words from an old world Against the laws of nature They say the truth is overrated Wall of anger corrupts my thought Standing at the bridge of destiny Show me a sign On the verge of losing my sanity Free my soul My inner demons torture me Flapping their wings in my face Damn you! You twisted illusion I am no longer afraid See through their liquid souls Evil eyes that will hypnotize You can no longer hurt me I am my own worst enemy Unleash the trapped souls of the dead Spirits since long forgotten Guardians fo the lost faith Destined for glory? Watch them all turn into sand And the wind blow them away Wisdom pours into my soul ...endlessly...
Arch Enemy - My Apocalypse  Official Video 04:21
My Apocalypse Sudden implosion of silenced emotions Buried beneath a scarred heart for too long Delusions of hope fading away Dying like leaves on frozen soil My apocalypse is near I can feel the end... Coming here Neglecting existence, repulse and repent An endless journey into the morbid Whispering voices distorting all senses Buried beneath a scattered heart for all too long My apocalypse is near I can feel the end... Coming here The bitter taste of a dying dream Shine the light on our shadows and illusions


Arch Enemy

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