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Waves "Never Let Me Down" (feat. Jay-Z, J-Ivy) [Intro:] Yeah Grandmama Told you I won't let you down Told you I won't let this rap game change me, right? [Chorus:] When it comes to being true, at least true to me One thing I found,one thing I found Oh no you'll neva let me down, Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down) Get up I get(down) [Jay-Z:] Yo, yo first I snatched the street then I snatched the charts, First had they ear now I hav they're heart, Rappers came and went, I've been hear from the start, Seen them put it together Watch them take it apart, See the Rovers roll up wit ribbons I've seen them re-poed, re-sold and re-driven So when I reload, he holds #1 position When u hot I'm hot And when your feet cold, mines is sizzelin It's plain to see Nigga's can't f*** wit me Cuz ima be that nigga fo life This is not an image This is God given This is hard liven Mixed wit crystal sipping It's the most consistent Hov Give you the most hits you can fit inside a whole disc and Nigga I'm home on these charts, y'all niggaz visitin It's Hov tradition, Jeff Gordan of rap I'm back to claim pole position, holla at ya boy [Chorus] [Kanye West:] I get down for my grandfather who took my momma Made her sit that seat where white folks ain't wanna us to eat At the tender age of 6 she was arrested for the sit in With that in my blood I was born to be different Now niggas can't make it to ballots to choose leadership But we can make it to Jacob and to the dealership That's why I hear new music And I just don't be feeling it Racism still alive they just be concealing it But I know they don't want me in the damn club They even made me show I.D to get inside of Sam's club I did dirt and went to church to get my hands scrubbed Swear I've been baptised at least 3 or 4 times But in the land where nigga's praise Yukons and getting paid It gon' take a lot more than coupons to get us saved Like it take a lot more than do-rags to get your waves Noting sadder than that day my girl father past away So I promised to Mr Rany I'm gonna marry your daughter And u know I gotta thank u for they way that she was brought up And I know that u were smiling when u see that car I bought her And u sent tears from heaven when u seen my car get balled up But I can't complaint what the accident did to my Left Eye Cuz look what a accident did to Left Eye First Aaliyah and now romeo must die I know a got angels watching me from the other side [Chorus x2] [J.Ivy:] We are all here for a reason on a particular path You don't need a curriculum to know that you are part of the math Cats think I'm delirious, but I'm so damn serious That's why I expose my soul to the globe, the world I'm trying to make it better for these little boys and girls I'm not just another individual, my spirit is a part of this That's why I get spiritual, but I get my hymns from Him So it's not me, it's He that's lyrical I'm not a miracle, I'm a heaven-sent instrument My rhythmatic regimen navigates melodic notes for your soul and your mental That's why I'm instrumental Vibrations is what I'm into Yeah, I need my loot by rent day But that is not what gives me the heart of Kunte Kinte I'm tryina give us "us free" like Cinque I can't stop, that's why I'm hot Determination, dedication, motivation I'm talking to you, my many inspirations When I say I can't, let you or self down If I were of the highest cliff, on the highest riff And you slipped off the side and clinched on to your life in my grip I would never, ever let you down And when these words are found Let it been known that God's penmanship has been signed with a language called love That's why my breath is felt by the deaf And why my words are heard and confined to the ears of the blind I, too, dream in color and in rhyme So I guess I'm one of a kind in a full house Cuz whenever I open my heart, my soul, or my mouth A touch of God reigns out [Chorus] [Jay-Z (Kanye West)] Who else you know been hot this long, (Oh Ya, you know we ain't finished) Started from nothing but he got this strong, (The ROC is in the building) Built the ROC from a pebble, pedalled rock before I met you, Pedalled bikes, got my nephews pedal bikes because they special, Let you tell that man I'm falling, Well somebody must've caught him, Cause every fourth quarter, I like to Mike Jordan 'em, Number one albums, what I got like four of dem, More of dem on the way, The Eight Wonder on the way, Clear the way, I'm here to stay, Y'all can save the chitter chat, this and that, this and Jay, Dissin' Jay 'ill get you mased, When I start spitting them lyrics, niggas get very religious, Six Hail Maries, please Father forgive us, Young, the Archbishop, the Pope John Paul of y'all niggas, The way y'all all follow Jigga, Hov's a living legend and I tell you why, Everybody wanna be Hov and Hov still alive.


Kanye West

Kanye West

8 Haziran 1977 yılında Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Atlanta, Georgia’da dünyaya gelen Kanye West rap şarkıcısı ve prodüktördür. Tam adı Kanye Omari West olan sanatçı müzik hayatına yapımcı olarak başladı. Ancak 2000’li yıllar ile birlikte kendisinin de söylediği rap şarkıları dinlenmeye başladı. Çıkarttığı tekli şarkılar çok fazla dinlenmekte ve ilgi görmekteydi. Birçok kez Grammy ödülüne layık olan sanatçı bu ödül törenlerinde şarkılar söyleyerek kendinden bahsettirdi. 2002 yılında ciddi bir trafik kazası geçirse de çalışmalarını bırakmadı ve sağlığına kavuşarak tekli kanye west şarkıları söylemeye devam etti. İlk albümünü ise 2004 yılında çıkarttı. The College Dropout isimli bu albümden sonra 2005 yılında Late Registration isimli albümünü çıkarttı.

İkinci albümünde kanye west gold digger isimli şarkısı ile oldukça ilgi gördü klip de şarkı kadar ilgi çekti ve müzik kanalları ile video paylaşım sitelerinde çok kez izlendi. Yaptığı şarkılar ve albümü ile çok fazla kişiye ulaşan şarkıcı ciddi bir hayran kitlesine de ulaştı. Başarılı bir şekilde kariyerini sürdüren şarkıcı 2007 yılında Graduation isimli albümünü piyasaya çıkarttı çok sevilen albümde kanye west stronger isimli şarkısı oldukça sevildi ve müzik listelerinde üst sıralara kadar ulaştı. Bu konuda yaşadığı başarı ile birçok konser veren turnelere çıkan şarkıcı yapımcılık ve prodüktörlük konusunda da çok başarılı bir şekilde yoluna devam etmeyi başarıyordu.


Sanatçı 2010 yılına gelindiğinde My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy isimli albümünü çıkarttı bu albümde kanye west all of the lights isimli şarkısı çok fazla dikkat çekti ve beğenildi Oldukça başarılı bir şekilde müzik kariyerine devam eden şarkıcı birçok ödül alarak başarılarını taçlandırdı. Sanatçı 2016 yılına gelindiğinde çıkarttı Fade isimli şarkısı ile de büyük bir başarı yakaladı. Çok sevilen kanye west fade isimli şarkısı ile son dönemde büyük bir başarıya imza atmış oldu. Çok sevilen sanatçının şarkıları birçok platformda bulunabilmektedir. Yüksek satış rakamlarına ulaşan kanye west dinle ile internet araması da mümkün olabilmektedir. Rap şarkıcılığı ve prodüktörlük konularında ciddi başarılara imza attı.

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Famous - Single (2016), Fade - Single (2016), All Day (feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney) - Single (2015), Only One (feat. Paul McCartney) - Single (2014), Yeezus (2013), Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz) - Single (2012), All of the Lights - Single (2011), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010), Power - Single (2010), 808s & Heartbreak (2008), Flashing Lights - Single (2008), Graduation (2007), Stronger - EP (2007), Late Registration (2005), The College Dropout (2004)