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Yelawolf Feat. Eminem - Best Friend (1080p Türkçe Altyazılı Klip) 05:04
Feat. Eminem - Best Friend
Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone 04:40
Till It’s Gone
Yelawolf - Box Chevy V 04:08
Box Chevy V
Yelawolf - American You 04:00
American You
Yelawolf - Johnny Cash 04:15
Johnny Cash
Yelawolf - Devil In My Veins 04:02
Devil In My Veins
Yelawolf - Pop The Trunk 04:00
Pop The Trunk Meth lab in the back and the crack smoke pills through the streets like an early morning fog Momma's in the slaughter house with a hatchet helping daddy chop early morning hog I'm catching Zs like an early morning saw when I woke up to the racket yawn and pause What the fuck man I can never get sleep man, peeped out the window what's wrong with ya'll? Stood up in my Crimson Tide Alabama sweat pants and threw my pillow Looks like daddy caught the motherfucker that tried to sneak in and steal his ammo They don't know that old man don't hold hands or throw hands naw he's rough like a brilo Went to the Chevy and pulled out a machete and that gun is heavy and tall as the midget willow [Hook: x2] Think he's playin? You better listen what he's sayin punk Don't make me go pop the trunk... on you He got an old Mossberg in the mossy oak duffle bag layin in the back of the dump boy Don't make me go pop the trunk... on you 11:30 and I'm pullin up dirty smoking babbage out the back of my buddies Monty Carlo Spittin over some super hot beats with a super hot freak we call the parking lot hoe You know we sippin on that old brown bottle, bass in the trunk make the whole town wobble So when we ride around bitches follow, but tonight one of the bitches is giving us problems Well one of them bitches be fuckin one of my homeboys favorite bitches And has been on his hit list for a minute and I think he's ready to handle his business He told me Yelawolf get this and he handed me the Cartier watch that was on his wrist He said watch this shit and he jumped to the trunk and grabbed his biscuit... Biscuit! [Hook x2] Two men stand, one's gotta go One falls down to the ground, one walks down to the road Momma better call the police Now he's screaming no Took a buckshot to the chest with a rock salt shell and he's moving slow All this blood has spilled, enough to give a penguin chills Hot enough to make a potato smoke at the tip of a hollowed steel In the valley of the hollowed fields In the valley of the hollowed till This ain't a figment of my imagination buddy, this is where I live Bama! [Hook x2]
YelaWolf - To Whom It May Concern 08:19
To Whom It May Concern
Yelawolf - Let's Roll Ft. Kid Rock 03:57
Lets Roll Ft Kid Rock
Yelawolf Ft. Lil Jon Hard White Up In The Club 03:46
Hard White Up ın The [Intro] It's your boy Lil Jon, got my partner Yelawolf with me, What's up Yela, you know it's time to crank the club up again. [Verse 1] Yea, you ain't gotta lay down your back to know you already fucked up Letting me in the motherfucking game is like letting me drunk drive in your truck. When Yelawolf arrived in this club I already had 5 in my cup, I done took another hit, I done ran into a bitch that's looking lifeless and stuck, Baby what's wrong with you now, what you ain't happy with red bottoms, Mad cause I'm in VIP with a fucking Jack bottle, with Tom, Dick, and Harry; But I got up in this bitch with a tank top, cuz I spit so very. Dumb quick and scary. That's why they so quick to compare me. But fuck the critics, with a spike dick, when it can fit barely. They probably think I'm a limp biscuit that spits jelly. But I put them in the woods, I'm a redneck. I'm a hick tell me, go ahead. What the fuck does it matter to me, Cuz after me they'll only be wannabe's, and mostly ain't never gonna be's. Yea, in this forest I'm a lonely tree, My limbs are covered in tattoos, and my roots they run deep I'm [Hook] Two bottle shawty, two bitches waiting, two tens, That's a win, win situation Happy Birthday, I'm feeling brand new Drinks on me, for me not you. Up in the club, don't give a fuck, up in the club, don't give a fuck, Up in the club, don't give a fuck, up in the club still don't give a fuck. [Verse 2] I don't know what to say after that first verse, I mean like damn I just killed it What the fuck am I supposed to do with this cow I done already milked it. Smoke another cigarette unfiltered, let go of anything that I'm feeling. They done broke me down so many times before that I'm no longer rapping I'm building with one brick, two brick, three brick, four. Underneath the steps of my singlewide door. Raised by them dope boys so I know how them thangs look, Thanks for the recipe, rest in peace Wayne Bush. I don't cut my shit. I don't break it down For you motherfuckers out there waiting around for some rap savior, You better look up at what it is that you're facing now, Cuz Jesus drives a Harley, the devil wears Prada, If God was one of us, he'd probably drink Vodka. I still kick at the party when I get rich, Cuz rich or broke, I'm still as dope. The realist ain't as real as this. Dead or alive I put a stamp in this bitch, You'll never see rock n' roll do hip hop like I did I'm [Hook] Two bottle shawty, two bitches waiting, two tens That's a win, win situation. Happy birthday, I'm feeling brand new, Drinks on me, for me, not you. Up in the club, don't give a fuck, up in the club, don't give a fick, Up in the club, don't give a fuck, up in the club still don't give a fuck. Yeah, yeah we don't give a fuck. It's Ghet-O-Vision, Shady Still don't give a fuck, naw your boy Lil Jon, we rep the south! Happy Birthday, Alabama! Up in the club, don't give a fuck! Up in the club still don't give a fuck! I ain't in the building I own the building bitch!



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